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Bad Advice With Staci Monroe #5

Howdy Campers! After a week off I am back and ready to answer all of your most pressing concerns. Let’s do this. Image credit: source I work for a very small family run business. Our office is a lot bigger than our current needs so in an effort to make money my boss has begun renting out office space to other small businesses or self-employed individuals. One of these people is a sweet, elderly man, a longtime mentor to my boss who is also kind and delightful, always having a story to tell or cookies for us that his wife baked. Here’s the issue, he apparently only rents space from us so he has a place to go to watch porn, because from the ...

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Bad Advice With Staci Monroe #4

Congratulations to Harry and Courtney for winning this week’s TTS Swag! Hey All! I’ve been asked by the powers that be to tone down my language a bit, so today’s column will feature a newer, gentler Staci. We’re going to- Hey, wait, where are you going, I still give good advice, commmmeee baaaacccckkkk!!!!! Image credit: wikihow How do I groom properly? I’m a hairy guy and I know that look is not for everyone, but everywhere I turn I’m seeing conflicting views! Shave it all, shave the balls, don’t shave because you are a man not a baby. It looks bigger when you shave, leave some, leave a lot but not too much! And what about the rest of your body? I know when you’re ...

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