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Curiously Gay Hotel

A Stumbling Otis Original We were young, poor and had done our very best to pay for our own wedding, so the gift was perfect. The gift was a honeymoon. It came wrapped in a Hallmark envelop from my bride’s father and step-mom. The card said, “This coupon good for three nights on the water in Laguna Beach”. Fucking beautiful, we were tapped out so until then our honeymoon looked like box wine and filthy, bedroom sex. “Filthy, bedroom sex” being a classic double entendre: as our bedroom is typically filthy, and this being our honeymoon….well. Figure it out. We had survived a week of last minute planning, out-of-town visitors, a drug-addled bachelor party (ok that was just me), an intimate “family” only wedding under ...

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Six People You Should Never Sleep With

  Oh, sex. How we love thee. Here, let us count the ways. In, out, reverso-change-o (sometimes that helps), back to front, around and all the way down… way, way down. It’s almost impossible to believe that something so fun is good for you, too. But experts have long toted the benefits of giving the old dog a bone. Sex boosts your immune system and keeps your blood pressure in check. It also lowers stress levels and can be a good workout. Then there’s that glow only a good orgasm can give you…. Nonetheless, while (consensual) sex is akin to the feeling of a first-class ticket to Vegas, while you’re crapping bars of gold, on Prozac, there are just some things you don’t do. That ...

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