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Behind The Taps: Observing The Act Of Courting

Some of the most entertaining interactions to observe as a bartender are people on a date. Not just meeting people at the bar but people who go on dates to the bar.   First off lets examine the characteristics of the serial dater. These are men who bring in several different women into the same bar in typically less than a week. Although it is most often a man, I have also witnessed the female serial dater. The serial dater often isn’t the smoothest motherfucker in the bar, but he is smooth enough to rack up the date numbers. Serial daters are famous at most saloons for hitting on their waitress or bartender. Often the moment his date goes to the bathroom he’s throwing his ...

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Behind The Taps: The Pickup Game

As a bartender you get the ultimate view of the pick up game. The game gets better as the beer goggles set in to their maximum potential. On a slow night your bartender, may even put in a wager as to who is going home with whom.  The bartender has eyes and ears everywhere in the bar, even when you think they aren’t paying attention the chances are they can hear everything that is going on.  They observe your failed attempts and for added humor they find it quite hilarious after a fail the frustrated stud tries for the bartender. Bartender Tip: If you’re going to try to pickup the bartender remember to tip them well or your likelihood of success is going to join ...

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