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You’ve Been Steampunked!

2018 You’ve been Steampunked! The Essentials To (Mad) Maxing Out Your Wardrobe Image credit: Roll over, 2015 and yield to the mighty tunes of fashion’s hottest trend in town – steampunk. A subculture that embodies a mix of science-fiction and fantasy with a 19th century industrial kicker, steampunk is sometimes fashion’s answer to what the world would look like after an apocalyptic nightmare and, at other times, a style that encapsulates an alternative universe where the Victorian era was never left behind and everything works on steam. All in all, regardless of what your preference, steampunk is a look worth embracing and, with a little help, your nod to post-Armageddon chic can be a fashionista’s dream. Here are three loose and fast rules that ...

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The Art Of Slow Stalking

Up to this point we have been discussing hunting in general terms. Now it is time to dig deeper and fine-tune our skills. The old saying goes 10% of hunters kill 90% of the game. One of the skills that this elite group of hunters must be proficient at is stalking. No matter what type of hunting you are doing at some point you will have to stalk your game. Stalking game correctly and effectively is an art form that takes years of practice. Overview I don’t know how many times I have heard hunters say, “Wow, what a long day! We must have walked 10 miles.” My response is always the same. Why? Why in the hell would you walk 10 miles? If your ...

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