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Wondering Mind Of Eva: Life’s Battlefield

Wondering Mind Of Eva: Life’s Battlefield  –  Booking Inquiries  –   Pay Site Social Media – Instagram  – Twitter – Only Fans Trickery Life is already hard enough. Why do people have to make it more difficult? Why do people lie and manipulate? Are there any real people out there anymore? I think not. I am totally shocked when I am faced with fake people that act like they are my friend. I start every relationship by having their best interest at heart, but they are frauds from the beginning. For example……. A chick from back home in Arizona hits me up and was congratulating me on my success. Seemed nice enough. The next time I was in town we hung out. Months ...

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Bad Advice With Staci Monroe #2

Congratulations to Mike and Meredith for winning this week’s TTS Swag! Welcome back! With week one firmly under our belt, I can safely say: You guys are all perverts. Asking me to send you nudes does not, in fact, constitute a question that can be safely answered in an advice column. But for the rest of you, I am here to help. Let’s get to it. Image credit: What do you do when you stumble upon your significant other’s porn stash, and it’s crazier than you were expecting? – Mike, Newark Well Mike, I think we need to look at what you mean by “crazier”. What’s crazy? Things that are perfectly acceptable to some people, say, oh I don’t know, just off the top ...

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Bad Advice With Staci Monroe

Hello and Welcome to Bad Advice, column where I, Staci Monroe, do my best not to lose interest in your questions halfway through reading them and start fantasizing about that Burrito I had last night. Damn, that was a good burrito. Anyway, let’s dive right in, shall we? I have reached middle age and it’s all downhill from here. My wife is encouraging me to get a BMW, so as to focus my mid-life crisis energy and dissuade me from getting more tattoos. While I like BMWs, I also like Mustangs. She does not like Mustangs. Is it true that “Mustangs are for douche bags” and that “Owning a Mustang is a sign that you have a small penis”? Because while I do have a ...

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