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Vol. 2 – Breakfast of Champions

(Author’s dire warning: This post may confuse the hell out of you if you are one of the millions of lucky bastards who don’t have young children. Perhaps worse, you’re one of those goodie-goodie bang bangs who don’t let their kids watch TV, cartoons or irrelevant silver screen dribble over and over until their little minds are completely and uncompromisingly assimilated into the hive. Fuck you and Nickelodeon! (how did you end up on this goddamn website anyway?) You’ll remember from Vol. 1 that I am, in fact, a LAZY BITCH… Harken back to the dusty blinds and mad Soda Crush skills?? Well… Top definition of Lazy Bitch, according to Urban Dictionary™: Basically when your bitch is laying around doing nothing and dinner isn’t even ...

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Mostly True Tales on Thrill Society

I Lit My Balls On Fire Coach!

A Stumbling Otis Original   We were broke, bored and fifteen. It was the final weekend of a six month long wrestling season, by then we were beyond burnt, body and mind. As a finale to our self-induce torture we would be trapped either on a greyhound bus, a sporting arena, or a motel room for five straight days; who could be surprised this story ultimately can be reduced to a delicate interplay of fire and the groin. High school freshman often struggle to qualify for the state wrestling tournament, competition can be fierce, but in 1988 four gangly frosh boys from the thriving metropolis of Cut Bank, Montana made the cut. I haven’t asked any of these peoples permission to use their name, frankly ...

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