Monday , June 24 2019
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Down The Rabbit Hole Vol. 3 – Game of Thrones

Remember when you were young? You shone like the sun. Or not. Actually I’m not sure I ever did. Either way, I’ve been thinking a lot about it. Being young, that is.   Probably too much. I mean, what gives with my back? And I just realized my softball glove is 26 years old. I hate every piece of clothing I own, yet the fucking closet is jam-packed with bright ideas, what-ifs, and wear-somedays. I am this close (THIS CLOSE!) to throwing it all out. I would if I wasn’t so lazy. I really would….. but   You know me– Lazy Bitch     Today I won’t complain about trolls, dusty wood-slat blinds, the disgusting texture of cottage cheese (just to prove I’m not that ...

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Dennis’s Abrupt Halt–

A Stumbling Otis Original A Mostly True Tale — CELEBRITY ENCOUNTER EDITION We at the Thrill Society are constantly in search of things that dazzle people, ‘thrill’ them if that’s not too obvious. What we really want is to find that spark of excitement that engages YOU, our beloved viewer, to respond by submitting your own THRILLING sliver of the world.   Your voice, your photo, your footage, your words, your music— We think YOU are all THRILLING. Jep Roadie and other rappers have submitted their music videos, Caelia Might submits an almost weekly rant, Chef Danchez does a video cooking show, Crog Tierney submitted photos and video footage of kickass mountain bike riding, the Uncensored Stripper offered a revealing interview, the mysterious Rambling traveler teaches ...

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Down the Rabbit Hole Header

Down the Rabbit Hole with Caelia Might

 Volume 1- Lazy Bitch You know you’re a lazy bitch when you come to the realization that you, like your ill-disciplined child, casually brush the crumbs from your everyday sweatshirt, cascading them to the already dirty floor.  The realization isn’t that you DID it, but that you DO it all the time. You just never ever mark the action as your own. Pondering this, you look through the window and with that same ‘who would have guessed’ nonchalant surprise, notice the sun-faded yellow, but still-legible R-value stickers from your 2009 window replacement. Now internally curious, you follow the realization thread, and if you were to close your beautiful wooden-slat blinds of the same age, you’d note with growing contempt the thick layer of dust accumulated ...

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