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Why Knee Pads Are The Photographer’s Best Friend

When I am on the hunt for a cool shot I am always thinking about how I can present a look that hasn’t been captured one trillion times! Generally speaking any standing view is what we are used to seeing. For example, how many bloody looking down at a flower shots have you seen? Looking down at flowers is how we normally view them. So if I am going to make a flower shot interesting I have to get creative and present a new perspective. Getting low provides such a perspective. We normally don’t look at flowers from below. So to get below a flower we have to get on our knees. Trust me the ground under a flower is not going to me marshmallowy ...

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Get Closer For Better Photos

I look at a lot of photos via social media and magazines everyday. One major problem with photographs I see over and over is the splotch of distraction that doesn’t go with the subject. For example if the subject is a beautiful, yellow flower that takes up 3/4 of the photograph, the splotch of distraction would be a crap brown, out of focus, god only knows what the hell it is taking up 1/4 of the photograph. My eyes don’t even look at the beautiful, yellow flower. They immediately go to the crap brown, splotch of distraction. How does a photographer get rid of the crap brown splotch of distraction? Take two steps closer to the subject. If that doesn’t work, take two steps closer ...

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