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Poetry Of Pain- An Athletes Fall And Quest For Redemption

Special thank you to U.K. athlete, photographer and beautiful person Klare Wolf for allowing us to take this journey with her!  Klare is writing this story, with much prodding by myself and with great apprehension; always consternation and I dare say moments of dread.   You will learn that she is not talking about moments long past, these are not scars well healed by time, she is living the story she tells daily, while she is sharing it will all of us.  Personally I think this takes amazing courage and I hope you’ll honor her by following her tale as it unfolds.  She truly deserves your support.  Stumbling Otis– TTS content manager Volume 1- The Fall Overtime… The fourth quarter had been called – overtime added. ...

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Poetry of Pain – Hello Pain!

The Journey—Step 1- Hello PAIN Hauled in by my friends from the court, still sweaty, still in my uniform hair still tussled in a player’s ponytail; time really meant nothing. I guess I was admitted, I think maybe I signed forms, people talked to me…. I didn’t hear. Eventually into a room. Doctors and nurses moved all around me like little worker bees at a nest in summer. Coming and going from my hospital bed. Coming and going. Coming and going. Some came in and looked at my legs, some came in with charts and x-rays, some came in and spoke… still I heard nothing. Some just came in and smiled like they knew something I didn’t, pity not quite well enough masked. It was ...

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Poetry of Pain

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