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Wondering Mind Of Eva: Love My Haters And Puppies

    Thought this was funny to come across on the web. I never thought about it.  So Funny To Think I Branded Myself and I Am Actually Doing Something Right. When someone grows up being told every day of their life they will amount to nothing and actually end up being something and beats the odds that is amazing. In my eyes the world is such a negative place and having the motivation to succeed is admirable. Being an abused adolescent I grew up mad at the world thinking that men only spoke with their hands.  I had to go through some really hard times at a young age with the rage of a thousand titans  boiling inside me.  I hated the world and ...

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Thrill Girl: Eva Notty Part 1

Introducing Thrill Girl Eva Notty Thrill Girl customized prints for sale!  Click HERE to find out how to purchase your made-to-order Thrill Girl photography print!  Eva’s Stats Bust: 36G Waist: 26″ Hips: 38″ Height: 5’6″ Birth Date: August 12. Birthplace: Tucson, Arizona. What do you do for Thrills? Make naughty movies. What is the most Thrilling experience you have ever had? Zip lining in Dubai! Most Thrilling place you have ever had sex? There are so many. How about in a Ferris Wheel in London. Most Thrilling movies, t.v. shows or books? Vikings, Marco Polo, and The Last Kingdom. When you grow up what would you like to be?  Be a successful businesswoman. Follow Eva Notty @evanotty on Twitter and FB We were introduced to Eva through former Thrill Girl™ Agatha Delicious. ...

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Heavenly Thoughts: Feature Dancing and Pole National Championships

It’s been a very busy and fun filled two weeks! Feature Dancing and Pole National Championships Recently, I got asked to compete in the Feature Dancing and Pole National Championships. I immediately said yes. I figured this would be a perfect way for me to get my foot in the door with my feature dancing career that I am currently pursuing. It was perfect! Preparation  The decision to compete was very last minute. I only had a week to prepare and the pressure was on. I got my gown and got to work. The set I had planned and practiced was my Harley Quinn Set. I worked hard on putting a dance routine together, gathering props, and painting props. If I had made it to ...

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Heavenly Thoughts: Harley Fire And Yoga

Hello Luvies! Thank You Thanks for revisiting my blog. I hope you are enjoying following me each week. Lot’s of new stuff developing, so stay tuned! I’m super excited to share with you everything that is happening! XOXO Harly Fire And Julie Rocket So it’s been a fun-filled, busy week for sure! Last Thursday I did an appearance on Industry XXX Radio hosted by Harley Fire. I talked a little bit about my PlayboyTv appearances and what I’m working on now. I also talked about having sex, what I like, where I’ve had it, and much more. I got topless, then naked, and let Julie Rocket (@_Julie_Rocket_ on Twitter) get a quick taste. So lots of excitement. We had so many viewers on Periscope they shut ...

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Heavenly Thoughts: Back Home

So I’m back! Busy, Busy, Busy Sorry about not updating last week, but as soon as I got back from Illinois I spent one day running errands, one day packing, one day moving, and one day unpacking. Fuck, busy week last week. Back Home Anyways, I’m so glad to be back home and all settled in.   Illinois was great! I got to get away for two and a half weeks, visit some old friends and my family, get the experience I was seeking to help me prepare for my feature dancing career, and of course made lots of money. Click HERE to visit the TTS store filled with original products!  Streamate Besides moving, I’ve been getting naughty on Streamate and made a dirty, custom video. I ...

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Heavenly Thoughts: Busy In Illinois

Wow, busy, busy, busy!!!!!!! Illinois State Fair My girlfriend, who is a showgirl at Deja Vu in Springfield, @abby_mf_lane and I did a promotion with @mikeandmolson from WMAY radio to help promote the club and the show we did together on Friday and Saturday. Check out the video below for some good, solid fun at the Illinois State Fair. Milking A Cow Believe it or not I’ve never milked a cow before. I was born and raised in the midwest. I left when I was 23 years old, but I never milked a cow. It felt weird! Click HERE to visit the TTS store filled with original products!  Featured Dancing My girlfriend,@abby_mf_lane, and I did two shows over the weekend. Which was awesome, because that experience is really ...

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Heavenly Thoughts: Launching A Featured Dancing Career

Hey Guys! Thanks for revisiting my blog 🙂 Traveling to Springfield So I made it to Springfield, Illinois. I was suppose to land in town Friday the 12th, but my flight was cancelled, so I arrived Saturday the 13th instead. Which worked out for me, because I got to finish up some things at home that I wanted to do and got $100 off my return flight, blessed! What a long day though. After I landed I had to drive to town, eat, shower, and head to the club. At the club I filled out a bunch of paperwork, get beautified, and hit the floor. Click HERE to visit the TTS store filled with original products!  The First Dance So for those of you who don’t know me ...

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My Big Butt Life: Politics, Porn and Puppies by Richelle Ryan

We are honored to have have Richelle Ryan ask us if she could post her blog My Big Butt Life on TTS.  Richelle will blog about her life and and her sports addiction!  Follow Richelle Ryan:  Twitter:   Instagram: Facebook: Blogger: Politics, Porn and Puppies Whew…. what a week in the books it was for me. Lots to catch you guys up on. Last Monday I went to the Donald Trump Rally in Las Vegas, How could you not want to go to that and see Donald… He is so controversial and outspoken that I couldn’t miss the opportunity. It was very interesting, I was surprised to see Protesters there, but it is politics so you have to expect it all I guess I went with ...

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