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Always Return Your Camera To Neutral After A Shoot!

  Sometimes irony can be as cruel as a mean, stepmother’s heart! For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about blogging on the topic of setting the camera back to neutral after every shoot. So what do I do? Of course make exactly this mistake even though the topic is forefront in my noggin. My last photo shoot was an early sunrise, calm lake reflection affair. The photo below is an example from this shoot. Customized, fine art prints for sale! Click HERE to find out how to purchase your made-to-order photography print!  To achieve this shot I am using long exposure, mirror up, 5 second delay, manual focus, and a neutral density filter. I also had my exposure composition all jacked up because ...

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So you think you have to take a selfie? Nowadays selflies are all over social media. However, it is appalling how lousy selflies generally are composed. Folks should realize that once a selfie is submitted to a social media site it has the potential to reach millions of people, forever! So why not take an extra 13 seconds and compose at least a decent selfie? My firm belief is that not everyone should be allowed to post a selfie on a social media site. There should be rigorous examine boards that approve only hot girls to post on social media sites. Similar panels should also approve the right to purchase yoga pants, but that is another story! Now we do live in a free country ...

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