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Game Of War: KVK For Smaller Players

SmellyTuba’s question: I am around 18 million. Can I participate in KVKs? SmellyTuba you can participate in KVKs, but you will need to use a lot of strategy to keep from getting zeroed by bigger players. At 18 million in power you will have a lot of players in the enemy kingdom that can zero you. For example in my kingdom of Etumos there are 73 players over 1 billion. The biggest player is almost 11 billion. Before you port over to the enemy kingdom make sure to scout the area carefully. You will want to look for a beginning alliance or cluster of smaller players. Before you port you will not be able to scout the targeted cities resources. However, you can at least ...

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Deep Thoughts About Game Of War

Hello Game of War (GOW) players. Let me introduce myself. I am Air Tractor and have been playing GOW for roughly two years. I refuse to pay, however I do play everyday and have managed to build my account to 30 billion. In this blog I will be discussing GOW strategy from the perspective of not paying to play. In my humble opinion paying to play is really ruining the game. I know that is the whole point of the game and it won’t change, but it still sucks ass! For example, during the last kingdom vs. kingdom event I saw a player that was over 20 trillion in power. His kingdom was half as old as my kingdom. I have heard from alliance chat ...

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Game Of War: Tile Farming Tips

  Rufus asks: Is there a way to farm without getting my troops killed? Short answer Rufus is no! Any time you send your troops out to a tile to farm you are putting them at risk. Even if you watch your troops on the tile the entire time they are farming your troops are still not safe. Normally I leave my troops farming on a tile without being logged into the game. One day I just happened to still be playing when the nasty red attack box engulfed by I phone. Before I could get back to the board screen to recall my troops one tile worth of troops was eliminated. A billion, power player ported right next to the tile I was farming on ...

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