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On A Budget? Buy Used Photography Gear

If you are on a budget like I am, every dollar spent on photography gear has to count. Photography gear is damn expensive, no way around it! When I first started looking at camera bodies and lenses I noticed that stores like Adorama and B&H Photo, not endorsed by either, offered new and used equipment. At first I was damn cautious of used equipment. I didn’t want to buy someone else’s junk or problem equipment. However, when all the pennies were counted, and the stack was small, the only way I could afford a decent camera body and lens was to buy used. When I received my first used body and lens in the mail, I opened the box with apprehension. I was thinking the ...

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Tripods Are Not All The Same

It has been a long, expensive, and tedious voyage down tripod lane! I currently own four tripods and have returned five tripods to the store. I wished I could sit here and write about the “Holy Grail” of tripods, but folks there isn’t one. Bottom line is that tripods are a very individual thing like a person’s mate! There is no one size fits all tripod! Let’s take the photo below for an example of a specialized tripod. Customized prints for sale!  Click HERE to find out how to purchase your made-to-order, photography print!  I had to hike into this lake for about a mile in knee high snow. So it was important that the tripod was light. Secondly this shot required a long exposure, so I ...

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