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Tart Behind The Cart: Garbage

Gout_ForMe asks: What kinda rotten stuff do passengers do while flying?

On a daily basis passengers some how mistake the seat back pocket where the magazines are kept as garbage cans.

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Have you ever sat in a seat, reached in that pocket only to discover that your copy of the airline’s magazine is covered in somebody else’s gum? Or how about the tissue that they used to blow their nose?

As a flight attendant I make several attempts to come through the cabin to collect your trash. Is it so difficult to reach in and grab your pretzel wrapper or empty water bottle and hand it to me? You can put down your candy crush for one fucking minute and clean up after yourself!!

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It is a little known fact that some flight attendants are responsible for cleaning the plane. The general public is disgusting, how can you walk off and leave your trash behind after I was nice and served you and came through to collect it when you were finished. No effort is needed to keep your area clean. We make it easy by walking up and down the aisle 20 times.


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Do I come into your office and leave my garbage around? Leave my empty coke can in your desk drawers? No I fucking don’t. Not only is the flight attendant angry that you are a slob, but if we don’t see the trash item the next person that occupies your seat will!

Things I have found in the seat backs:

Baby diapers
Used tissues
Boogers (actually those were wiped off the wall)
Used condom (on the floor)

tart behind the cart photo
Women’s hygiene product (the wrappers)
Diabetic needles (not me personally but my friends)


Banana, orange peels, and apple cores.


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