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Tart Behind The Cart: Hello Goodbye

When you board an airplane there is usually a flight attendant there to greet and welcome you on board. Generally they are warm and inviting.  Do you respond? In my years of experience no you fucking don’t! I’m lucky if I get a smile or maybe a head nod. Do you think that I want to be standing up there welcoming your punk ass on board? No I would rather be in the corner texting or on social media. Second of all its rude. If somebody is saying hello to you and you don’t say hi back, rude!  If they ask how you are doing and you duck your head and look at your feet, rude!  Screw you!

tart behind the cart photo

After the flight has been completed, you have had your soda and your peanuts (I even gave you an extra bag) you can’t even say goodbye or thank you when you exit the airplane?  Again you look down at our feet and get off the plane.  You can’t even say good bye? I gave you extra peanuts! Screw you!


So next time your on flight. Go ahead and acknowledge your flight attendant and not be so damn rude!


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Tuody asks: Why to flight attendants have to ramble on and on over the loud speaker?


The announcements are a FAA requirement.  We have to give them. So sit back, relax, and listen to the announcements because they just may save your happy ass! Also we don’t have control over the loudspeaker volume.  Sometimes it is too loud and sometimes it is too soft.  Everyone has different hearing abilities so how the hell do you find a happy medium?

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