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Tart Behind The Cart: Joining The Mile High Club

Surferdude asks: Have you ever caught anyone having sex in the bathroom, if so what did you do, and have you ever done it?

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Lol, Surferdude! I get asked this question a bunch! It seems that a lot of people have fantasies about joining the Mile High Club and why not? It’s risky, naughty, and fun all at the same time!

Have a personally joined the mile high club? Well there was this one time when I was on a four-day trip with a male flight attendant that I was having a lot of fun working with and during our time off. It was day three of the four-day trip and we had just spent 24 hours in Honolulu. We got into Honolulu the day before in the early evening, immediately went to the bars, and lets just say we shared a room that night. Saved the airline some money! LOL! So we had to report to the airport around 8 pm and left Honolulu around 9pm headed for Chicago. About midnight the lights were out in the cabin and all the passengers were zonked out tired from their fun in Hawaii. My co-worker winked at me and said are you a member of the Mile High Club? Well let’s just say it was a quick membership initiation, but dammit it was fun knowing we were being naughty and could lose our jobs at the same time!


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To answer your question about if I personally have caught anyone enjoying the Mile High Club, yes I have! Twice I caught passengers or rather heard passengers having sex in the bathroom. Both times it was a red eye in the middle of the night and all the other passengers were asleep or didn’t seem to notice so I let them have their fun!

Another time a passenger brought it to my attention that there was mayhem going on in the bathroom, so I had to do something about the naughtiness! I knocked on the door and asked them to please return to their seats. About a minute later a gal and guy both with beet red faces did the walk of shame out of the bathroom and down the aisle returning to their seats!

Keep in mind that if you get the wrong crew you could face some serious problems by attempting to enjoy the Mile High Club. If the crew really wants to press the issue and inform the airport security when you get on the ground you could face some serious trouble!

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