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The Enhanced Madden NFL Football 2015 and Other Facts About the Game


The Madden NFL Football 2015 is an American football video game, which is published by EA Sports. This video game is based on the NFL or the National Football League in the United States and features all the official teams and players past and present. Madden NFL 2015 was released on August 26, 2014 in the US and August 29 in Europe. The cover of the game is Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman. It can be played in Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Changes for the 2015 Madden NFL

Revamp of the Defensive System

The Madden NFL 2015 has revamped the poor defensive system of the previous versions and made it more exciting again. EA Sports has made the defense more impactful and makes you feel that you are really in charge. It features a new defensive camera that faces towards the quarterback. This type of camera angle allows you to easily target your objective and rush towards him as soon as the play starts. However, this new defensive camera will not work on local multiplayer.


You can now choose to tackle high or low and change the intensity of your tackling hit. It gives a more realistic feel when tackling the players of the opposing team.

Play Calling System

The playcalling system is also changed for the 2015 version. It is not very simple as the previous game versions and it is not too complex. You don’t have to go through the menus for play calling. Madden 2015 uses context to give you choices for your plays.


In terms of graphics, the 2015 version looks more refined and better. The texture of the uniforms and the players itself are looking very sharp. Games held at night or under the midday shadow still look crisp and realistic. EA improved the lighting and the colors in any weather condition. Players are also fully reflective, which creates a more realistic detail for the game. They also introduced the 3D grass that looks fully alive instead of just a green texture.

Voice Over Commentary

Madden NFL 15 improved its voice over commentary, which resulted in a much smoother and more cohesive broadcasting of the game. It has over 80 hours of new commentaries that sounds very cohesive with the rest of the dialogue. The play by play announcer is Jim Nantz with the color commentator Phil Simms. When playing the game, you will notice that the commentators will often call out the names of the players.

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Madden Bowl

The Madden Bowl is an elimination tournament for the latest and current Madden NFL game. It started in 1995 and held during the Super Bowl weekend in the host city. It started as an event where NFL players, celebrities and musicians can participate. However, changes have been made throughout the years and it is now an event where only the chosen NFL players get the chance to compete and play. The participants are given the freedom to choose the team they like. The prize for the winner is a trophy and recognition in next year’s Madden NFL game. Since 2011, the Madden Bowl uses an online team play where players will form a group of three and compete for the trophy.

Annual Super Bowl Simulation

The Super Bowl Simulation started in 2004 and it uses the latest Madden NFL game to run a simulation of the Super Bowl and announce the result. The simulation is conducted by EA and so far, it has correctly predicted 9 Super Bowl winners. The simulation only missed three Super Bowl and they got the winning team wrong in 2008, 2011 and 2014. This year, the results were very accurate for the Super Bowl Simulation. EA’s Madden NFL accurately predicted the final score as well as the score for the third quarter in favor of Seattle Seahawks.

History: How Madden NFL Started

The popular Madden NFL franchise that every football gamers know today all started in a train ride because John Madden has a great fear of flying. In 1984, John sat down with EA’s Trip Hawkins and Joe Ybarra inside a train from Denver to Oakland to discuss about their plans for a realistic football game. John Madden is going to endorse the game for EA and they wanted it to be the most realistic game possible with playbooks, formations and seven players on both sides. The seven players didn’t sit well for John Madden and he said he would only endorse the game if it was 11 players on each side. The game went into development for 4 years until the first John Madden Football was released in 1988. This was the start of the Madden NFL franchise, which is still the top football game today.

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