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The Extreme Motorsport Of Snowmobiling

Brief History Of Snowmobiling

The first machine that could move on snow was created in 1909. It had the length of about ten feet and was based on a track design. The snowmobile was created by a man called O. C. Johnson. A few years after its invention, in the year 1913, a man called Virgil White, who was apparently a Ford dealer, created a ski conversion that was originally meant for the T Ford model. Mr. Virgil White was the first man to use the word snowmobile.

In the year 1960, the contemporary version of the snowmobile was invented by Bombardier. It contained an open cockpit that could host a maximum of two people. From here, the traditional automobile undercarriage was replaced with skis and tracks. Changes and improvements were made to each generation of snowmobiles. The performance, agility, and comfort-ability of snowmobiles are constantly being improved.

The snowmobile was created as a winter utility vehicle that was only to be used in times of snow for transportation. Though this was their original function, they have since been used for recreational reasons.  The recreation aspect of snowmobiles has transformed into a sport that continues to grow. 

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Top Snowmobile Races

The three most important races in snowmobiling include the Iron Dog, the International 500, and the World Championship Water Cross. The Iron Dog started in 1984 in Alaska. The race follows the northern route of the Iditarod. The Iron Dog is 2274 miles. The race starts at Big Lake and ends in the Fairbanks. It is the world’s longest snowmobile race.

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The International 500 is the most exciting of all the snowmobiling races in Michigan. The race started in 1969 and since then, a lot of people have come to both enjoy and participate in the race. The race features high adrenaline action which raises the heart rate of all those involved in the International 500.

The World Championship Water Cross Race started in the year 1977. In the beginning, it did not start out as a competitive race. However, the race grew to become a world recognized race with many people seeking to participate or watch the thrilling action. Snowmobiling riders cross vast stretches of water, which requires a great deal of speed and specialized racing machines.


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Three Places to Snowmobile in the US

Just about any state that has sufficient snowfall offers decent snowmobiling opportunities.  However, Colorado, Michigan, and Maine have huge populations of resident snowmobilers and draw large crowds because of their deep, dependent snowfall and awesome terrain.

Michigan offers a mix of lakes and wooded hills that will keep any snowmobiler entertained for the entire winter. Deep, consistent snow is a direct result of Michigan’s close proximity to the Great Lakes.  Northern Michigan offers almost unlimited, public access terrain that is sparsely populated.

Maine receives huge amounts of snowfall every year thanks to being sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes. For a few, this implies unpleasant streets and the cancellation of schools. For snowmobilers, huge snowfalls mean perfect riding conditions in rolling, wooded hills.

Colorado is well known for skiing, but also offers some of the best riding in the United States. Great snow coupled with amazing, mountainous terrain are a recipe for endless amounts of fun.  Colorado boasts a lot of terrain over 10,000 feet, which leads to guaranteed, deep snow every year. Colorado sports a great deal of National Forest and other public lands, which means a person will never run out of new places to explore.

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