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The Hidden World Of Street Racing

Movies such as Fast and the Furious and Need for Speed have romanticized the hidden world of street racing. Even though it looks cool and fun on screen, the truth still remains that this is a very dangerous and illegal sport in the US, which is not tolerated by the police. Here are some things that you might want to know about street racing in the US and other parts of the world.

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Why Is Street Racing So Popular Among Race Drivers?

When you ask a street car racer why he likes racing in the streets, he would probably smile at you and tell you what every race car driver feels when they are behind the wheel. There is an adrenaline rush that gives the driver a feeling of pure excitement as he tries to speed up and maneuver the car to win the race. The thrill of doing something that is technically illegal is also part of the allure of street racing.

Different Kinds Of Street Racing

Drag Racing

This type of car racing involves two or more cars competing and driving on a straight line for a specified distance. The first one who crosses the finish line or outruns the other cars by a considerable margin wins the race. The race cars usually line up moving at normal speed and once they are all ready one car will sound its horn three times. The third horn will be the signal to start the race.

Tōge Racing

Tōge or Touge Racing involves two cars racing each other along a mountain road course. This type of race originated in Japan where races are held in winding mountain passes and roads. Tōge racing is usually done in best-out-of-three format. Car A will start in front while car B will try to follow behind. If car A pulls away at the finish line, A will be declared the winner. If B is able to stay right behind A, then B is the winner. On the next race, B will start in front while A will be right behind.

Street Road Racing

This type of street racing involves simple rules that every participant has to follow. The winner of the race is the car that would be in front at the finish line. The leader will have the option to choose the race course.  The race ends when the pursuer opts to quit the race.

Sprint Racing

Sprint racing is composed of high powered cars that race each other on an oval dirt course. It is not actually a type of street racing but it is one of the stepping stones for drivers if they want to enter the high profile divisions. Most sprint racing is legal and sanctioned by large racing bodies in the US.


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Rules of Street Racing

Even though street racing is illegal and looks unorganized, there is still a rule that every street racers should follow. No one wants any accidents to happen during the race so many of the secret racing organizations laid out their own rules. Here are some examples:

    • Never race on busy or crowded streets whether night or day.
    • Don’t race if you do not know the area or the course.
    • Use your car when racing and never race another person’s car.
    • Avoid having a passenger in the car when racing.

How Much Do Street Racers Spend On Their Cars?

In order to win races, cars have to be outfitted with the best engines and modifications available. The cars also have to look cool and sleek. Hardcore street racers spend thousands of dollars on body works, tires, suspensions, paints and modifications that can make their cars go faster. It is very common to hear street racing enthusiasts spending $10,000 up to $30,000 for engine upgrades and style enhancements.

The Rising Popularity Of Tōge Racing

Tōge racing or Touge racing is very popular in Japan and it is now gaining new grounds in the US and other countries around the world. Part of the thrill of Touge racing is the narrow roads, which make overtaking nearly impossible. The range of difficulty is heightened because of the road conditions and the twisted curves that the racers should overcome going downhill or uphill.

What You Should Know About Tōge Racing

Tōge racing is actually more of grip driving and the goal of the driver is to be the fastest car on a particular stretch of the road. If you are in front, your aim is to increase the space between you and the car behind you. The car that spins out of control or is overtaken loses the race.

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