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The MaJik Mind of Michel….

We at TTS have found great new friendships worldwide in the last few months.  One of those is a gentlemen from Switzerland, Michel P.  aka @booksandshit on Instragram.

Michel has proven to be honest, with us, with himself….. he has shared truths that are usually considered difficult.  He has edited and offered various incarnations of post submissions.  We find him intriguing, challenging, unique and most importantly—- genuine! 

We find his photo submissions to be captivating. 

thank you for submitting Michel

Your pals,Stumbling Otis and Captain Tom

Please enjoy his photo gallery and writing submission

I just HAVE TO SEE NOW, or reminding me to do this and that and..
It starts: the feeling of vibrating very heavy and negatively in my arms, feet, gory thoughts about my face melting. The moon is visible but the streets are turning up and down. Leaving light trails right before my eyes. I get pushed down or screwed with a hammer into a false hole.
I know the way out: the pills are already inside my stomach doing what I want them to. In maybe 20 minutes I’ll be save. Finally saved by a few little pink dots from this spiderweb inside my brain.
For how long is another fear and topic.

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