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The Montana Distillery Tour

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631 Woody St., Missoula, MT  59802


Open – 12-8 pm  Monday thru Sat & 12-6 pm  Sunday

Montana Made

All Real-Whole ingredients – No Added  Sugar,  Artificial Flavors Or Artificial Colors

We are the third oldest distillery in Montana and our 84 proof Flathead Vodka is the 2nd oldest Vodka in Montana since the time of Prohibition!

Double column still technology

Our new signature Vodkas combine the purity of Montana Waters and Montana Sugar Beets with our new advanced double column still distillation technology to create a refreshingly smooth spirit.

Manually worked process

Our newly designed still system and process is small and not automated. We manually work the entire process and believe that has helped make “The Montana Distillery” one of the top spirits on the market today.

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We have teamed up with local coffee producer Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters for our new signature version of the coffee liqueurs on the market today. Not watered down and without added sugar or extracts (and is still has no gluten ). Even at 70 proof it tastes like a fresh brewed cup of coffee. There is only the equivalent of a couple of cups of coffee per bottle.


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We combine our signature Flathead Vodka with delicious Flathead Cherries and a hint of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans to make this 84 proof delight. After frolicking, we get the rich dark red-ish brown cherry-vanilla bean toned distilled spirit that pops in your mouth with flavor smooth but reminiscent of a brandy. Blends great with so many other mixers or tastes smooth-a-licious ™ by itself. No extracts, added sugar or gluten.


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Real Montana Huckleberries with a touch of Montana raw honey and lemon make this 74 proof spirit awesome! Because we do not add sugar or extracts the flavor is very natural (and no gluten). Flathead Huckleberry great served straight, and is not too sweet. When mixed it becomes the perfect blend. Only available at The Montana Distillery Tasting Room.


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If you like bacon in the slightest you will love this signature vodka from The Montana Distillery. Made using only real bacon with a proprietary ‘infusion’ process. You have probably never tasted anything quite like this. Great in Ceasar’s and Bloody Mary’s, as well as martinis and other blended drinks. Your chocolate shake will never taste so good.


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Just sit right back and hear a tale… of the best thing to happen to Ginger Vodka. Our Award Winning Flathead Ginger Vodka uses fresh ginger to make this amazingly smooth, flavorful and aromatic spirit. This unfiltered spirit is truly delicious, and one of our most popular. At 90 proof you won’t know it. So versatile, so good, so what are you waiting for? No added Sugar, No added Extracts, No Gluten


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Rich and naturally sweet these beans are straight out of the Bourbon Region of Madagascar. We do not add sugar or extracts, and the vodka does not have gluten. Straight or in a mixed drink, you will love the aroma and flavor. Great in  mules and any drink, it leaves the national brands behind.


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Fresh and Clean…….thats all we can say. We use real cucumbers and you can tell. We put it in our signature Cucumber Mule and it tastes great, or try it in our Famous House Bloody Mary. Wait until the summer hits, we have some great cocktails planned. No added sugar, extracts and no gluten.

About Our Building

Our 110 year old building is eclectic in it’s own right. With brick walls, “beetle-kill” pine floors and industrial metal decor, The Montana Distillery Tasting Room has a rustic Montana feel that is reminiscent of the days when 631 Woody St was the Garden City Tavern and The New Montana Bar. Our local business friends made this Tasting Room possible by lending their expertise in the overall remodel, bar and bathroom build, counter tops and cabinetry and our flooring.  Thank You to Ryan of Sustainable Lumber for our one of a kind, beautiful flooring. Last but not least, Thank you so much to Wade and his crew of Hoyt Homes for handling this project from start to finish, the end result is spectacular!

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