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The NFL Arrest Streak Now Stands at 80 Months

In sports, there are legendary streaks that were accomplished by great players and admired by everyone. However, there are also streaks that are quite embarrassing and somewhat hilarious. The NFL has a very bad streak of football players getting arrested by the authorities and the record stands at 80 months. Yes, this is not a joke. NFL players have a streak of arrests that has been going on for 80 months straight. It sounds pretty outrageous but the NFL seems to be doing a good job in keeping this streak alive and well since 2009.

NFL players can’t seem to shake off this crazy streak of getting arrested. One of the most popular arrests was quarterback JaMarcus Russel who was charged for the possession of a controlled substance. The substance was Codein syrup, also known as purple drank, which makes the user feel drowsy and weak. Russel was arrested at his home during an undercover investigation and was jailed but he made bail immediately.

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Another NFL arrest headliner was the case of Aaron Hernandez. This arrest was much publicized because it involves three counts of first-degree murder. Hernandez allegedly killed two people and later murdered his future sister-in-law’s boyfriend.

There were other arrests that kept the streak alive for more than 6 years now. This type of statistic somehow showcases the notoriety of some football players outside the game. Every arrest is bad news for the NFL and they obviously want this streak snapped once and for all. Reporters and some people are taking notice of this crazy streak and they are following every news report, which involves NFL players.

The NFL arrest streak was believed to be broken last September when a former San Jose Mercury News reporter posted on Twitter saying that September is the first calendar month since July of 2009 that an NFL player has not been arrested. That particular tweet got everyone’s attention and it was a pretty big deal. Everyone from the Tech Times to the Time Magazine ran their own versions of the story regarding the most outrageous streak in NFL. Was the streak really broken on September of 2015? Is it true that there were no NFL players misbehaving or doing something that could get them arrested?

Rosenberg did some research and he found out that the National Football League or NFL has averaged an arrest each week for the last 5 years. So every week there is an NFL player being arrested or handcuffed by police officers. The NFL statistics also show that there is at least one NFL player arrested per month since July 2009. According to Rosenberg, the streak stands at 79 straight months. Supposedly, September was the lucky month, which ended this outrageous and embarrassing NFL streak. The streak was finally snapped. It’s time for a new beginning and a clean slate for the NFL.

But no one told Rosenberg and the others about Dorial Green-Beckham, a Tennessee Titan rookie.

Dorial Green-Beckham is an NFL player from the Tennessee Titan who was arrested over a speeding ticket that was not paid. The date of his arrest was September 30, 2015. Dorial was stopped by the police in Van Buren, Mo., the NFL rookie was driving at 65 miles per hour inside a 55 miles per hour zone.

It is very strange that an NFL player with a $5.6 million deal with the Titans could not pay a speeding ticket worth only $92.48. Perhaps Dorial Green-Beckham forgot the ticket or misplaced it and this eventually led to his arrest. This last minute “touchdown” arrest by DGB kept the streak alive and burning. Rosenberg spoke too soon and the NFL’s 79-month arrest streak now stands at 80 months. That is more than 6 years of continuous arrest every month since July 2009 when the Black Eyed Pea’s “ I Have a Feeling” was the number one song on the Billboard charts. Green-Beckham also has another arrest record for possession of marijuana at the University of Missouri but this happened before he was drafted by the Titans so it does not count.

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So there you have it, the arrest of Dorial Green-Beckham keeps the streak alive. Goodell and company will have to hold off the celebration and wait for the next month. Perhaps October would be kind to the NFL players and some police officers would let small misdemeanors, like a 10 mph over the speed limit violation, slide off. It sounds really crazy but you have to give credit to the NFL for keeping this streak alive since 2009.

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