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Ale: A Gift From Malted Barley And Hops

Ale Beer: How is it made?

Ale beer is created from malted barley and hops. Ale uses warm fermentation that is usually 60°F to 68°F and it is made with the ale yeast or top-fermenting yeast. This type of yeast rises to the top and forms a foam on the surface during the process of fermentation. Ales are stored between temperatures of 60 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. At three weeks after the beginning of fermentation, the stored ale is ready to drink. However, other types of ale need a longer aging process and some of them will even require up to several months or years.

Ale Beer Characteristics

If you are more used to the taste of Lager beer, you will generally find Ale to be a bit stronger tasting. The ale yeast will also produce a fruitier flavor with a taste of spice. Here are some of the most common characteristics of ale beer:

  • Colors of ale beer range from very pale to black opaque.
  • It has a more robust, assertive and full-bodied taste.
  • Served at temperatures between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It has a quick brewing cycle, which can be only seven days.


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Types of Ale Beer

Pale Ale

Pale ale beer has a pronounced hop flavor and aroma and it only has up to medium level of maltiness. Fruity esters are also added for this type of ale. Fresh and good quality hops are necessary for brewing pale ale beers. The types of pale ale beer include:

  • English – a type of pale ale that is dry because of the high sulfate content in the water.
  • India Pale Ale – It has a stronger and hoppier taste with a higher alcohol content.
  • American – It has an amber color with a strong, malty flavor

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Barley Wine

Its name may be confusing, but Barley Wine is definitely a type of ale beer. It is also a very strong, ale beer with a high alcohol content that is similar to most wines. Its flavor is sweet and malty with a strong bitterness coming from the hops. The color ranges from copper to medium brown. Since Barley Wine has strong alcohol content, this type of beer is perfect for storing over a long period of time.

Brown Ale

Brown Ale can be easily identified by its color, which is brown and amber. If you are going to try the traditional English Brown Ale, you may find it a little bit subdued and mellow but with a sweet and malty flavor. Other versions of Brown Ale have a fruity taste to it while, some are dry and nutty. The American version of Brown Ale beers vary in bitterness and hops.

Belgian Ale

Belgian Ale is another popular type of ale beer with high alcohol content, but with a lighter body. Belgians can achieve this type of characteristic by using grist instead of sucrose in the brewing process. It is easy to drink but drinkers have to remember its strong alcohol content.


Porter is known for its very dark color, which is a result of having darker malts. Its flavor is dark grainy with light sweet notes. This type of ale beer is great for sipping because of its full flavor without any bitterness from the roasted barley.

Imperial Stout

It is a very intense beer with a rich maltiness and pronounced hop bitterness. It’s alcohol content is also very strong and its two main ingredients are dark roasted barley and dark malts. The Imperial Stout has a very black or dark copper color. If you want a full flavored, strong beer, you should try the Imperial Stout.

English Bitter

The English Bitter has three classic styles which are ordinary, special, and extra special. The ordinary is mild, while the special has a moderate strength and the extra special is strong bitter. The color and alcohol percentage also varies from mild to strong.

Golden Ale

The Golden Ale was made for the younger generation and introduces folks to cask ales. Its characteristics are the same as the Pale Ale, but there are some differences such as the paler color and served in colder temperature. It is also brewed with low temperature, ale malts.


Scotch Ale

Scotch Ale is characterized by its strong, malt flavor and amber or dark red color. Scottish beers also tend to be less hoppy and sweet because of their colder climate. The Scottish Ale is a close cousin of the English ales, but they are darker with less carbonation and high alcohol content.

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