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The Thrill Of Sports: Baseball Playoff Thoughts

I must have missed the memo that was sent out to everyone this year about the playoffs. If you got it, would you please forward it to me. I guess someone had the wrong home address, wrong email address, or the wrong fax machine number. The memo must have informed us all about the playoffs being played in the lunch hour/afternoon (depending on where you live) and why. Look I plan my year around sports watching as much as possible and the NCAA tournament has my morning, lunch and afternoon times covered for the year. Most of us work a job that A.) Doesn’t allow us to access the games on our computer or B.) Makes it blatantly obvious when we are watching it on our phones. I have not seen a Blue Jays vs Rangers pitch. On Monday, the Royals scored 8 runs in the 8th and 9th inning and I am just stuck at work without anyway to watch it happen. I mean we used to get games out here on the west coast that would start at 3:00pm and we could catch the 6th inning on when we got home. Now they are starting at 12:00pm. The memo that I missed must have explained why this was happening. I mean even the start time of 3:00pm Eastern Standard Time is early for east coast workers. Did everyone leave early? In Texas that is 2:00pm starting time. Did everyone forgo breakfast and lunch to watch the games? There is a game 5 going on right now, it is in the top of the 7th inning and it is 3:30pm here. So as it stands, I feel left out, I feel cheated, I feel like Josh Hamilton’s wife and life of sobriety. It is all a sham.

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However, I am still pulling for the Blue Jays vs the Royals or Astros and the Cubs vs the Mets. Quick side bar on the Chase Utley issue. Let’s be honest here, the guy never met to break Ruben Tejada’s leg. I played baseball from tee ball through high school and it was taught and still is taught to break up the play. If he would have not injured, this wouldn’t have been an issue. My thought has always been why I need to slide into a guy who is off the bag when I should be sliding into the batter that hit into this possible double play. Let us not punish the player that is gift wrapped a double play ball but we should be pissed at our own teammate.

Overall, I really want the winner of tomorrow’s night game to win the World Series. I am bias towards KC because I went to a baseball games at Kauffman Stadium every summer while visiting my grandparents. But more importantly I don’t want the Cubs to win. Not because I don’t like the Cubs because I grew up watching them also on WGN, but because a Cub’s fan is not a Cub’s fan unless they are complaining or whining about not winning a world series in 3000 years or so.

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To wrap all this up, I just watched yellow, green and red dots on my computer run bases. Bautista just hit a homerun in Toronto and I am imagining the crowd going nuts while sit here in silence, listening to my finger tap on these keys. Please, please forward me the memo you got. I want to write back to whoever sent it and complain about the timing of the playoff games.

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