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Is Music Dead?

On July 3rd a new Rolling Stone hit newsstands with Kim Kardashian on the cover.

Several music artists spoke out about Kim being on the cover. The most publicized music artist attack came from a Facebook post by Sinead O’Conner.

Sinead O’Connor wrote on her Facebook page: “What is this c*** doing on the cover of Rolling Stone? Music has officially died. Who knew it would be Rolling Stone that murdered it?

“Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh can no longer be expected to take all the blame. Bob Dylan must be f****** horrified. #BoycottRollingStone #AGenerationIsBeingGroomedAndSilenced.”

Sinead has since eliminated her Facebook page.

Looking through the list of non-music artists that have been on the cover of the Rolling Stone names like Bella Abzug, Dianna Agron, and Muhammad Ali immediately pop up. In fact the list of non-music artists that have graced the cover of the Rolling Stone is quite long.

In the Kim should be on the Rolling Stone cover corner is frequent TTS writer Bitterroot.

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In the Kim should not be on the Rolling Stone cover corner is TTS Music winner Jep Roadie


First question: 

Should Kim be on the cover of the Rolling Stone?


Like it or not Kim is an entertainer. A damn hot, curvy, entertainer. Kim has been in the public spotlight for over a decade and she is still going strong.

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People get wrapped around the axle that music artists only should be on the cover of the Rolling Stone.
Research for this debate started with me grabbing the Rolling Stone next to my crapper and finding Ron Burgundy on the cover. As I wander through the wrinkled pages of my abused, crapper, located Rolling Stone I find articles on television programs, movies, politics, and social issues. Yes, the Rolling Stone is primarily a music-orientated magazine, but it is also an entertainment magazine.

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Kim has entertained us with a sex tape, endless reality television programs, pictorials in Playboy, and every entertainment magazine on the planet. So yes, she has every right to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

Jep Roadie:

Rolling Stone just had to do it. They had to succumb to the pressure of staying relevant. There is no need for Kim to be on the Rolling Stone cover. People can argue, “Well, Muhammad Ali was on the cover”. Then someone with a brain can say “Yeah, well Muhammad Ali changed the world as we know it”. There are literally millions of musicians busting their ass everyday, People like me. People who will read Rolling Stone no matter who is on the cover. Rolling Stone is an iconic music source. The name alone can sell a magazine. I would expect them to be holding down the fort as a traditional music magazine. Stand up for the real culture, you know. That is the problem! Pop culture invaded the music culture. They are not synonymous. Real musicians don’t care about the Entertainment industry. All these industry people care about is money. Can’t respect it. What? Katy Perry isn’t busty enough to throw on the cover? I mean, if they are trying to sell sex- At least do it with a MUSIC ARTIST. If it was Kanye and Kim on the cover, fine. But it is a playboy photo on a universal music magazine. Rolling Stone is just adding to the collage of Kim’s face at the magazine stands. It’s pathetic. Shakira, Beyonce, Ciara, Carrie Underwood, Nicki Minaj… No need for Kim to be there with a damn sailor cap on. And I better not read anyone trying to say “Kim had that song with The Dream”. That wasn’t music. Peace.

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Lol I will not even bring Kim’s Dream into this argument. I agree that was not music. It sounded more like a cat that had it’s tail stepped on.

I also agree with you that there are plenty of beautiful music artists that Rolling Stone could have put on the cover instead of Kim.  Put Katy Perry in a latex outfit and put her on the cover every damn issue with a sprinkle of Avril for me please!

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However I have to attack your statements, “Real musicians don’t care about the Entertainment industry. All these industry people care about is money.”  Well isn’t music all about entertainment and money? I get musicians love to play music. I get the creative aspect of making music. But isn’t the end goal making money and becoming the next Kanye or Drake?

Jep Roadie:

I am pretty sure money from the song went to charity, so I will acknowledge that.

I used to have a crush on Avril back in the “Complicated” days.

I can’t agree that music is all about entertainment and money. That is all the MUSIC INDUSTRY is about. But there are people writing songs trying to save the world and help people’s personal lives. Making money is the bonus. I would only want to have a lot of money to take care of my family.  I would hope more end goals would be to become the next Bob Marley.

Second Question:

Is Sinead O’Connor right? Is music dead?

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Jep Roadie:

I certainly don’t believe music is dead as an art form. But the integrity in the music business is completely gone. These people will do anything to get some clicks on their site. These people will do anything to get people to spend money. Whether it is moral or not. The music business is dead for sure.

Magazines now have to complete with start up blogs. Now music magazines put porn stars on the cover. As if that is something to glorify. Kim Kardashian may be different now. But the fact is, she is a porn star. There are kids who check out their parent’s Rolling Stone. You could have put someone with dignity on that cover. Someone who inspires.

The music business doesn’t know which way is up. They wait for something to be hot and then exploit it to death. Every single time. It is like these corporations think the consumer is stupid. Sinead O’Connor is justified in her statement. I am not co-signing the derogatory comments about Kim, but I whole heartedly agree with her stance. The music industry used to be full of prestige and talent. This is a far bigger issue than just having Kim on the cover. It is about the decline in the importance of art. Music is not to be tampered with. Music reaches someone’s soul. This is yet another bullet to the heart of musicianship.  People are losing interest in art and only focusing on popularity. It is a terrifying thought. I just miss the old days I guess. When being an artist meant something. When standing for something was cool. Music is now being merged with fame. Let’s just pray the right artists become famous. The relationship between the music industry and the art of music is dead.


I disagree with most everything in your response Jep.  I can tell you have been reading Rolling Stone a lot.  It seems to me that Rolling Stone preaches that music died after 1975. How many articles has Rolling Stone published about the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and Woodstock. I believe that music is an ever growing organism that is getting better and better.

Let’s take Dave Grohl for instance.  He is mega rich from his Nirvana days, yet he is still cranking out amazing music not only with the Foo Foo Fighters, but oodles of other artists as well. Dave doesn’t need the money and I don’t believe he gives two shits about the fame. He loves making music.  Watch his Sound City documentary.  I believe Dave is growing and expanding on his genre of music.  What made the Beatles and Led Zeppelin so great is their ability to get better and evolve as they produced more music.  How many artists have you seen that their best album is their first and they produce shit after that?  I argue Dave has only gotten better since Nevermind.

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I think you could make the same argument for Eminem and Tool.  These are artists have been out for over a decade and I argue they are making better and better music.  I think there is still plenty of prestige and talent left in the music industry.

Easy on start up blogs. Lol.  That is exactly what The Thrill Society is doing and I think it’s great for the Rolling Stone to have competition.  Rolling Stone can’t rest on their laurels.  They have to evolve and get better or they will be extinct.

 Considering 1/3 of the traffic on the internet is porn, the industry can’t be ignored.  I will argue that porn stars are entertainers on the highest level.  A gal having sex with a guy she can’t stand and acting like it is the best time of her life is an acting performance worthy of an Oscar!  Sex and music have always gone hand in hand.  Most songs are about love and relationships.  About the hot chick that got away. Music and porn go together like dick to palm.

Jep Roadie:

I have seen bits of the Sound City documentary and found what I saw to be amazing. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Dave Grohl. Both past and present work. But if he didn’t care about money, he would donate all his proceeds from all current work to a foundation. I don’t have any supporting evidence to prove that he doesn’t, but I am willing to bet he is cashing those checks. I agree the music landscape has changed. Forcing many artist to build anew. But if Dave wanted to do it for “the love of music” and the “betterment of rock and roll”, he too would speak out about Kim K being on the cover. But instead, he is out on tour, he is making documentaries. Someone on that high of a platform could be really beneficial to the rebuilding of a once dignified culture.

I can’t argue the success, talent, or progression of Eminem, nor Tool. Those are the exceptions to the rule. Plenty of artists still out here just barely getting by. Artists just throwing some naked girl in a video. Artists singing nursery rhyme songs. Artists promoting terrible messages. Messages like promiscuity, adultery, drug use, excessive drinking. Promoting self degradation, by making kids (especially young women) feel inferior to the rest of society. Eminem is one of my biggest inspirations. You never see him tarnishing his brand or lowering his standards. That is the prestige that is missing. I just want these artists to realize the responsibility they have as a messenger. I want them to understand how impactful they could be.

I love the Thrill Society, you are not included in that. The Thrill Society operates on different standards. You are allowing the debate. You are not just force feeding nonsense for clicks or this article would read something like “Kim Kardashian Half Naked on Rolling Stone (SEE INSIDE)”. I hope you end up beating out Rolling Stone because I would have convinced you to keep Kim off the cover haha.  Rolling Stone, the rockstar music magazine is long gone. Rolling Stone, the pop culture bubble gum society magazine is at the forefront.

I laughed out loud when I read the last sentence. I think LOVE and music go hand in hand. Sex falls in between somewhere. No disrespect to Eva Notty. I am sure she performs wonders. Shit, I watch porn. It’s a whole different world, I think. Kim Kardashian should be an insult to the actual porn stars. I don’t doubt that there are thousands of respectable and hardworking females that are in the porn industry. But if Rolling Stone wanted to have a sexy cover, they should have called Eva. They simply used Kim K for sales and completely disregarded their core fan base. Shoutout to all the porn stars, trying to feed their family.

We’ve decided to hand the debate over to you! Do you think, like Bitterroot, that the Kim should be on the cover of The Rolling Stone? Or, like Jep Roadie, that Kim has no damn business being on the cover?

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  1. great debate. i have to agree with jep. music is dead. just doesn’t have the same feel it used to. its all about the money now.

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