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Game Of War: Tile Farming Tips


Rufus asks: Is there a way to farm without getting my troops killed?

Short answer Rufus is no! Any time you send your troops out to a tile to farm you are putting them at risk. Even if you watch your troops on the tile the entire time they are farming your troops are still not safe.

Normally I leave my troops farming on a tile without being logged into the game. One day I just happened to still be playing when the nasty red attack box engulfed by I phone. Before I could get back to the board screen to recall my troops one tile worth of troops was eliminated. A billion, power player ported right next to the tile I was farming on and attacked my troops in a matter of seconds. There was nothing I could have done to prevent their slaughter.

My kingdom of Etumos often has a tile nap. A tile nap means no attacking other players farming on tiles. A tile nap is wonderful because generally speaking the top alliances of the kingdom are the ones that enforce and suggest the tile nap. Players are guaranteed to be safe from attack by the top five alliances, which is a big help because they are the ones that normally do most of the tile attacking. However, there is always a player that didn’t get the message.

A common strategy is to use T1 troops to farm tiles. Using this tactic when you do get hit on a tile at least lessens the sting of having all your troops slaughtered. Another common strategy is to farm smaller resource tiles so your troops are not on the tile as long. However, a player has to be logged in more often to continually send their troops on farming marches.

I realize this is a game of war, but hitting players on a tile is an Ahole move in my opinion. Plus it weakens the entire kingdom. If I was king I would make it law that no tile hitting is tolerated. In this manner players can get the resources they need to continue to grow and repeal outlanders during KVKs.

Instead of farming tiles a player can farm abandoned cities. Normally a city can be identified as abandoned if the city is not in an alliance, the city has no troops or traps, and the hero is present. Send a scout to determine the status of a potential abandoned city. If you make a mistake and the player is still active, they are not in an alliance so there should not be any retaliation for scouting them in this instance. Generally speaking there should be multiple abandoned cities within a 15-minute march of your location.


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The down side to attacking abandoned cities is that you have to be unshielded to attack other cities putting yourself at risk. Plus you can’t shield while your troops are on a march. If a bigger player is watching you attack abandoned cities all of a sudden the hunter becomes the hunted.

Be sure to use increase gathering speed boosts when you have them available. Also keep in mind your hero’s gems and outfitting can affect your troop’s load.


I highly recommend that don’t farm tiles right next to each other. If a bigger player sees three or four tiles being farmed together they will surely attack the easy prey. I am level 20 and have four marches. I generally send my troops out to farm in four different directions and always at least a five-minute march from the alliance city. Marching your troops away from the city will keep them safe from bigger players farming your alliance city. By spreading out your troops that are farming you should only get one tile worth of troops slaughtered at any time.

Always protect your hero, remember this is just a game, and Don’t Be An A-Hole while playing!

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