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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

            Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a game that has the advanced nature of combat play. Coming at a time when various other games have gained a significant hold on the market, the game has the potential of gaining some ground in the market. The unique features in the game that are advancements from its previous versions have the potential of aiding in its positive market performance.

Features of the game

            One of the core features of the game is its multiplayer platform. The game has been built primarily on this platform. Users who operate in a multi-user platform are then able to enjoy the game’s features to the fullest extent. However, its single player platform is also quite impressive.

            The game is somewhat well balanced. For one, the moment to moment action between the various levels of the game provides the user with a unique experience in being able to immerse themselves in the game. Given the game’s design, the user is placed in an environment where each second of play is critical for survival. One of the features that makes the game increasingly interesting is the fact that the walls, floor and do not provide any form of protection to the user’s character. Unlike in previous games where characters are protected by the walls and floors, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege enables greater input from the user who is compelled to seek additional measures of protection from the enemies. At any one time, the enemies may burst in through the walls. Therefore, there is the risk of being shot through either the walls or the floors.

            The use of tactics is critical to survival. The use of sheer brazen power will not suffice in this game. Sound tactics enable users to approach the enemies in a strategic manner. In playing the game, the user is confronted with the reality that there are always two teams, with the user being in one. Most of the levels of play entail one team preventing the other team from gaining access to a location or something of interest. Overall, it makes for an interesting play.

            The attacker and defender approaches that are available introduce a new feature in the game. In the previous five versions, the attack and defense features were not as pronounced as compared to this sixth version. In extended the life of the players, it is critical to ensure that the users use their capacity to build reinforcements in and around the walls. The fortification feature is quite interesting as it enables the players to create a safe environment to protect themselves from the opposing teams. Before each session, the user is allocated 30 seconds to fortify the areas that they assume the attackers may employ. The user has the option of fortifying all the areas that seem like potential entryways. In this way, the user can lessen the potential of the attackers using the walls as entryways. The graphics and sound architecture that has been used makes for a highly realistic playing experience.


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            The graphics have been designed in such a manner that augments the quality of play. One of the core distinctive features is the blood spatter after a shooting scene. The designer of the game has ensured that once a character is shot, there is significant blood spatter on the walls. It is then apparent that a bloody event has taken place at that particular scene. What this does is to create a realistic play experience. However, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has been unable to achieve much more that its core competition that have been released this year. Most notable is evolve. While the games endeavor to create the maximum user experience plausible, the degree of enabling the user to fit into the scene has yet to meet the set expectations.

            Of special attention is the defense mode. In the traditional setting, the expectation is that the attackers are going to use the openings currently present. However, with the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, the attackers can use the roof, the walls and even the floor to ensure the success of their mission.


            The designers have inculcated ten training missions to enable the user to comprehend the game’s features. However, this training is not comprehensive given that most features have been enabled only for the multi-player platform.

            Overall, the game makes for quite an interesting play. However, there is a need for more features for the single player platform. Otherwise, the game has the potential of being a core contender for the most favored action game produced in 2015.

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