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Top 10 Smart Phone Fitness Apps

Keeping a track on your exercise is essential when you are trying to shed down some extra pounds and fitness apps can help you in that. While some of the apps encourage you through competition, other apps let you connect to a community who can cheer you up along with sharing their report. Most of the apps come with an excellent feature that allows you to track the improvement. The top 10 fitness apps are listed here so that you can choose any according to your convenience.

  1. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is a very popular fitness app intended for both the android and iOS devices. It is packed with loads of workouts that can help you to attain a desired body shape. All these workouts are completed with audio and video that show step-by-step process. Apart from the in-built workouts, you can also have access to other various workouts that are being shared by the community. Even you too can build your custom routine in the app’s library and share them online.

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  1. JEFIT

This is another most useful fitness app for android and iOS and it comes with a big database of exercises that are categorized by different body parts. This app is featured with detailed instructions, exercise log, a workout planner, progress tracker, many timers and more. You can download the free version but the pro version is free of ads and unlocks many more features.

  1. Johnson & Johnson official 7 minute workout app

This app can be ranked as the third best exercise app which is available for both Android and iOS. Apart from the 7 minute helpful workout, it also contains various workouts of varying duration. This app too allows you to create your own custom routine. All the workouts are instructed by short videos. Make use of the smart workout feature that will act as your individual trainer.

  1. 7 minute workout: Fit Go edition

The 7 minute workout has been given an animated sequel that can guide you with perfect moves. The excellent soundtrack and vocal encouragement are amazing. The in-app purchase lets you unlock various workout forms and routines as you progress.

  1. Fitstar

Fitstar can be placed at the fifth position that is available only for iOS. This free workout app works as a digital coach where you can first configure your exercise duration and goal based on which a workout session is prepared by the app. You can then rate the difficulty of the workout plan so that the digital trainer can adapt to your capacity and whip up a plan according to that.


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  1. Cyclemeter

Loaded with bike riding related data, Cyclemeter is one of the best apps from Abvio to track your bicycle riding. But not just bicycle rather this app also allows you tracking walk, run and many other activities. Though calorie counting feature is not available in Cyclemeter but other well thought features included in the app are very useful that collect wealth of data and provide an accurate result which is why this app is being loved by most of the fitness enthusiasts. This app is only for iOS devices.

  1. Sworkit

Available for android and iOS, Sworkit is perfect to cut down the boredom with the set workout plans. Rather you can pick up any option such as Yoga, cardio, stretch, Pilate and more while an option to create custom routine is also available. In order to have access to varieties of exercise and workout history consider having the premium version.

  1. Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is being liked by people who do stretching and breathing to stay healthy and fit. Equipped with hundreds of poses, this app is completed with detail voice and video instruction. Also, health benefits of each pose are written up clearly.

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  1. Strava running and cycling

This is a top notch running and cycling tracking app that tracks running speed, distance traveled, time, course taken and thus helping you maintain a proper workout plan. Apart from Android wear and Apple watch, many other running trackers are being supported by this app. The premium version is more helpful that lets you explore varieties of other features.

  1. Fitocracy

Sign up to Fitocracy website and have access to various combination of gamification that encourages you to exercise to score higher points for gaining achievements. This achievement is streamed in a social media to allow other fitocrats to view and comment on that.

So, download any of these fitness apps on your android or iOS device and achieve your desired body shape.

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