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Ten Reasons Trump Would Make A Good President

          At this point in time, the US faces many challenges among them the ever-swelling US debt, widespread unemployment, violent crime, and terrorist threats from ISIS. As a result, the US needs resilient and decisive leadership to manage the challenges and continue putting the nation on the global map and a journey towards posterity.

There are many candidates, from whom the Americans can choose, but to ensure the country takes the desired growth, some candidates can do it better than others can, and Trump is one of the many right candidates for the task ahead. Trump is likely to make a good president because of a considerable number of reasons.

Trump believes in American exceptionalism

At all times Americans have considered true Americans as those who believe in the uniqueness of the US as a free nation as in democratic principles and personal freedom. This means that it is only a person who believes in this theory that is capable of reproducing it, and that is Trump.

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He speaks his mind

Gone are the days that presidents would speak their minds on issues, which often turned out as that doing circles in the public domain. However, Trump is here to invalidate that as he is fearless always speaking what he believes should be said, not minding its political correctness. On most occasions, politicians have always excelled in lying and misleading the public with endearing smiles al for the sake of political gains yet leaving matters on the ground unresolved, but Trump is here to stop the gimmick.

Trump is an experienced and tough dealmaker.

The skills required to make good decisions that are beneficial to the entire American population is likely to come from somebody with such an experience as that which Trump has following his many years of experience in making deals. Trump is a tough and hard nosed businessperson and these negotiating skills are extremely important in telling other nations what the deal is rather than kowtowing to agreements that may be injurious to the nation.

He demands high performance

As the president, a person acts like a leader, and a leader offers direction. With a person like Trump at the top, it is highly likely that the bureaucrats that are at every level in the government who are lazy and incompetent will be up to standard to ensure a well-functioning government. Trump’s believes in upholding high standards, in terms of efficiency, just like any other successful American entrepreneur and businessperson. This attribute will enable Trump lead the country to success because, in every way, efficiency leads to increased productivity.

He is committed to education

An educated population means a pool of informed decisions, which are required for the success of any given country in the modern day world. Trump’s focus on education, which has deteriorated in the recent past as regards creativity, will bring back the US on the global mark and in limelight as the leader in innovation.

Trump’s loyalty is American people

No political party, special interest group, or foreign entity will obscure Trump’s devotion to America and the American people. As a result, he will have undivided attention to serve the country in his full capacity bringing every American on board for the success sake. Leadership vested in these attribute is likely to bring transformation in the wider American society.


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He knows how the economy works

In his quest for wealth, Trump has experienced many failures and success, which in many ways has given him experience in the economical maters. He knows not only how to make money, but also knows what does not make money. This means that Trump, who has already identified China as the biggest US threat, and hinting the success strategy against china as that involving bringing back the jobs China has stolen from the US, he stands to make a good president.

He thinks big and extraordinarily

In matters regarding terrorism and drug trafficking, trump has extraordinary ideas. Instead of waging war in the hard hit areas and nailing the terrorists with military intervention, Trump has the capability of approaching the matter in a different and tough way. The same goes for the drug trafficking across US-Mexican border whereby he talks against imprisonment, and law enforcement, which depletes US financial resources. The capability to handle these two issues befits the tough talk Trump oozes, and by doing so, he will change the face of America regarding drug trafficking and terrorism especially from ISIS.

His ideas on military/security policies are impeccable

Even though Trump prioritizes wealth creation, it is certain that he knows wealth without security is detrimental to financial success. His pledge on maintaining military strength is something to watch out for as the president.

Trump has the veracious foreign relations expertise

As a businessperson who has done business nationally, regionally and globally, he brings a lot to the table for the American people. He has traded successfully with other business gurus and created investments across the world. Just as he has succeeded in doing business globally, he can succeed as the US president.

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  1. Great article. I am huge Donald supporter. This country needs change.

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