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What Makes Grand Theft Auto 5 So Popular?

If you are a Play Station or Xbox fan, I’m sure you must have heard of Grand Theft Auto also famously known as GTA. Developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, it is a series of open world games set in a fictional place where the story follows three criminals in their heists to rob cars with lot of fun diversions. It is said to have broken industry sales records and become the fastest selling entertainment product earning US 1 billion in first three days of its release. Receiving critical acclaim on one hand, it also became controversial owing to its depiction of women and torture during hostage interrogations. The game can be played on several platforms including Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

There are plenty of reasons which make this game very popular. Undisputedly it’s the king of open world games who made this genre.

    • It keeps the player engaged through its dialogues and the liberating sense of freedom it gives its players to roam around the city killing, jumping from mountains, driving recklessly which is not possible in real life.
    • Players are intrigued by the amount of details shown in the game where the characters live in a big city and this gives them a dramatic experience
    • Its downloadable content – the content including customization of weapons, characters and online updates are all available online for download
    • Improved performance – optimal performance from the beginning will give you commendable satisfaction
    • It is better than its previous versions with better story and additions which is less dark and shady. This makes it interesting for players to be engaged for a long duration
    • Multiple protagonists who feel like real people and the switching mechanics make sense
    • Interconnected heist movies following the lives of three criminals with different goals and lives making it interesting plot for a game

Also the fact remains that GTA 5 is better than GTA 4 and here are the reasons –

  • New UI – the user interface in GTA 5 is frill free and crisp. The use of rectangular map instead of circular is a welcome change
  • It offers better ways to spend the earned money than on clothes, guns and food
  • Customization – the players can customize their weapons and characters if they like with a new tattoo, haircut, hats glasses etc. Vehicle modification is another added advantage. Around 1000 cars are added and you will be able to upgrade the engine, brakes & suspensions. Weapons can have silencers, laser lights and more.
  • AI – artificial intelligence has gained a new level with people going about their daily lives, waiting for buses and working. They do not roam around aimlessly like before in previous versions.
  • GTA 5 has a hunting mode which GTA 4 doesn’t
  • Three main characters – each character is unique and has different traits. Players can switch between characters and switching comes smooth.
  • Improved Graphics – no more blurred backgrounds
  • New cops – use of 5 star wanted system instead of 6. Hiding in the circular zone is now possible and if the cops don’t see you in their line of system, then you can escape. More organized SWAT team on board.
  • New features – radical weapons, mini games and challenges, dynamic missions, skydiving, underwater stunts using a scuba gear or submarine. Improved mechanics with guns are all part of the new series. Now it is possible to shoot body parts and targets easier than in GTA 4
  • Interesting areas – new areas are added to the city to be explored. Ranging from jungles to mountains, underwater explorations to hidden lanes are all new changes that will make the GTA 5 much more likeable and interesting.

New updates for GTA 5 announced by Rockstar recently– (courtesy

  • New content will be launched for Xbox One, PS4 and PC
  • Free mode events will be available online from September 15 2015
  • These free mode updates will give a chance to players to enter the servers and play new challenges like ‘Hunt the beast’ and ‘King of the Castle’
  • These updates will only be available on newer systems
  • The next update will include stunt races, creator updates, Rockstar editor, 12 new vehicles and new mission type or activity.

New updates will soon follow and will be revealed shortly. No doubt the game’s popularity has not faded a bit and in fact is becoming the most awaited games.

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