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UFC Fighter Jose Aldo: Will He Beat McGregor?

          In all contexts, Jose Aldo is a unique fighter. This statement is not with respect to his training regime, work ethic of the quality of his trainers. Rather, his uniqueness are sourced from his sheer talent. Aldo’s approach to his fights best exemplifies his talent in the ring. His success thus far has been attributed to his talent in the ring. Jose Aldo is married to Vivianne Perreira. In her own right, Aldo’s wife is jiu-jitus champion. He has a daughter who was born in the year 2012. Aside from being a talented fighter, Jose Aldo is also a talented footballer.

Personal life

Aldo was born in the year 1986 in the city of Manaus located in Brazil. His upbringing was nowhere near privileged. As a matter of fact, he lived in conditions of abject poverty. When a teenager, he moved out of his mother’s house and headed to the coastal region of Brazil. While living in Brazilian coast, he developed a passion of Jitsu. He has come a long way from sleeping in the very mats that he trained to fight.


While much of Aldo’s success has been attributed to his talent, much has to be said of the role played by his training team. His training manager is Nova Uniao. He trains at the Black house. With regard to his fighting class, he currently fights as a featherweight fighter.

Early career

Jose Aldo’s start in his fighting career is nothing short of glorious. In his very first fight, he was able to defeat his opponent, Mario Bigola, within 18 seconds of the fight. He defeated Mario via KO. This success was repeated for another six fights. However, in eight fights, he lost to Luciana Azevedo.

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Image credit: “José Aldo (30 de dezembro de 2010) (cropped)” by José_Aldo


Before the UFC adopted the WEC, Aldo had a record of 8-0 wins. He had fought against some well-established fighters. However, he was able to gain a foot in his fights given his fighting style coupled with his talent. Once the WEC was adopted by the UFC, the management team declared Aldo as the UFC champion for his weight class.

Fighting style

Aldo’s fighting style is a compilation of the various different approaches. His style is influenced by his rich Brazilian heritage. His expertise in Jitsu has featured prominently in his approach to fighting in the ring. The Brazilian Jitsu has been touted as being an effective fighting style, especially given the nature of the UFC fights. Aside from the Jitsu, Aldo also employs the Muay Thai to add some unique aspect to his fighting style. However, both of these styles have proven effective in developing and guiding his striking style. Aldo’s expertise in the ring is attested by the actuality that he is able to strike using both his fists and legs simultaneously or in quick succession. His athleticism plays an instrumental role in making him the highest quality fighter that has become in recent times. Aldo has become associated with a sense of explosiveness that is lethal to his opponents. When his athleticism is coupled with his fighting style and this explosiveness, it becomes apparent that Aldo has the capacity to become the greatest featherweight fighter who has ever graced the UFC. Regard has also to be given to his defensive skills. His takedown defense has proven instrumental in his success in the ring. In the most adverse of situations, Aldo’s superior quality as fighter comes to being. He is able to demonstrate that he can be able to maintain a calm head even in the most dire situations.

Why he will win against Connor McGregor

It is highly likely that Aldo will defeat McGregor. An analysis of Aldo’s fighting quality will reveal that the foul talking Connor McGregor does not have a chance against the straight hitting Jose Aldo. To date, Aldo has recorded an impressive take down defense that will mean extra work for McGregor if he wishes to take down Jose Aldo. Given his fighting style, Aldo presents an opponent who is quite hard to hit. Essentially, Aldo is, by all regards, the better striker of the two. McGregor will have to contend for second place with regard to this distinction. In some of Aldo’s toughest fights, it has become apparent that Aldo is a fighter who does not go down easily. Therefore, McGregor will have to ensure that he brings his best to the fight. However, there is a high chance that his best will not suffice against a straight hitting Jose Aldo.

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