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Week #1 Recap

The regular season is finally underway and the first week is in the books. Some of the things that happened were expected and some of the things that happened in the first week defied logic.

What can a fantasy football player take away from the first week? Short answer, nothing. One week is not a proper gauge to make any rash decisions. Do not panic! Relax and do not put much emphasis on what happened in first week.

As the season progresses and certainly by week six patterns will start to evolve and we can start making rational decisions based on fact and trends.

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In the first game of the season all teams are a work in progress. Players are getting to know their new teammates in real game situations. Veterans are blowing the dust off their skills. Rookies are still learning the system. Everyone on the team is working on new changes brought on by the coaching staff in the off-season.

What fantasy football players need to concentrate on going into the second week of the season is whom their players are matched against.

For example if you have two running backs that you are struggling to figure out whom to start don’t focus only on the first week’s stats. If running back #1 had 150 yards rushing against a weak defense in the first week, but is going against the Seahawks defense in the second week, then it would make more sense to go with running back #2 who only had 85 yards rushing against a mediocre defense in first week, but is going against a porous Tampa Bay defense in week two.

Take each position and look at whom they are playing in week two. Find the best points matchups and start that player.

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Keep in mind that you should not favor your favorite team’s player. If you’re a Patriot’s fan and have Brady and Gronk on your fantasy team, don’t automatically go with your favorite team’s players. Try to take emotion out of the equation.

Keep an eye on the waiver wire. Other players in your league may be panicking after week one and have made some stupid trades based on week one. One player’s junk may turn into a point’s cash cow for you as the season progresses.

Draft Kings and other weekly betting sites all have free leagues to practice your skills. I don’t advocate gambling and that is exactly why these sites offer free leagues. They want you to hone your skills, get you to start thinking you know more than the next guy, and get you betting your paycheck away.

What I am suggesting is to use these free weekly leagues to practice your fantasy football skills and start to get comfortable with changing your team on a week-to-week basis. You will gain knowledge about players, and receive short-term results that will help you hone your skills in your league.

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There were a couple of major injuries in week one. Be sure to check your team and make sure none of your players were affected. If a major starter was injured, check to see who will be replacing him and how their fantasy stock suddenly soars higher. Take a look at how this injury will affect the whole team. Does a particular injury affect your starting defense? Does a key injury affect the team that one of your player’s will be competing against? Injuries can change a lot. Be sure to look at all the possible affects an injury may cause.

Several suspended players are beginning to make their way back to their respective teams. Take a look at how these player’s return to the game will affect your team. Did a defense suddenly get a lot stronger? Did a team’s running game suddenly improve? Lots of variables to review with the return of suspended players.

In summary don’t read too much into week one. You will need to do your homework based on fact and whom your players are going against. Try to start your best players based on a variety of variables that we discussed in this article. The multitude of variables is what makes fantasy football so damn much fun.

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