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Wellness Tourism: Get In Shape While On Vacation

Wellness Tourism

What is Wellness Tourism?

Wellness is a descriptive word itself and means health or well-being. Wellness tourism is meant to promote health through various psychological, spiritual, and physical activities through visits to spas or resorts which provide packages specifically for a healthy holiday. Their menus are special and comprise of healthy food, spa treatments, physical workouts, and prospects to grow one’s creativeness and spirituality. The whole atmosphere of such wellness resorts are geared to support wellness so you won’t be lured to eat unhealthy food or drink too much alcohol after a day full of activities. Of course this would be completely fine if you were on a regular holiday, but if you are on a wellness trip, then ‘good health’ is the foundation of a wellness tourism.


Top three wellness resorts in the world:

There are a handful of wellness resorts which boast an exotic location, calm and serene surroundings equipped with modern wellness gear, and some traditional ways of attaining physical and spiritual health. However, three resorts stand out completely and will pamper you for every minute that you spend there; beginning from the check-in to the check-out.

  1. The Philippines: The Farm, located at San Benito

This magnificent wellness resort is located on a 49 acre property alongside a mountain densely surrounded by forest. The beauty of the Philippines encircled with acacia trees, coconut trees, beautiful flowers, fresh air, and so many other forms of nature. The Farm is a perfect wellness getaway.

Programs they offer:

The Farm promotes healthy and holistic living. The biggest drive in the spiritual industry is to be mindful or practicing mindfulness. There are various programs which they offer that focus on:

  • Stress Management
  • Wellness Experience
  • Detoxification
  • Fitness
  • Anti-Age and Rejuvenation

Before indulging in any of the programs they arrange a meeting with an in-house physician for best results of the program you wish to undertake.

Healthy menu:

Packed with nutritional values there are two sections to the healthy menu which the Farm offers:

  • Raw Cuisine

Every meal and course is loaded with minerals, fiber, vitamins, and anti-oxidants. These foods will give you energy, beautiful skin, help in increasing your immunity power, and give you in whole a beautiful appearance.

  • Alive Cuisine

The creative chefs of The Farm transform fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts of any kind to yummy foods by culturing, soaking, dehydrating, and blending. Pizzas and breads, chutneys and dressings, jam and chocolate treats are made at The Farm.


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  1. Italy: Lefay Resort and SPA Lago di Garda, located in Gargnano

Located on the onsets of Lake Garda, Lefay is set on an 11 acre piece of property. The beautiful resort is located 7 km away from the town of Gargano. You could enjoy the view of beautiful olive woods, vineyards, lemon gardens spread on a hill, fishing boats, and the view of a simple village. A visit to Lefay is a perfect Italian getaway wellness tour. The resort has been designed using the latest technologies and beautiful interiors.

Programs they offer:

You can combine your stay with the different wellness programs Lefay has in store for you. Every program is unique and has many health benefits.

  • Perfect Body
  • Purifying
  • Beauty Rejuvenate
  • Perfumes of the Lake
  • Wellness for Children
  • Mother-To-Be
  • Specials for Him
  • Osteo-Physiotherapy
  • Kalliste

Healthy menu:

We are all aware of the health benefits of virgin olive oil. Lefay has prepared its cuisine keeping in mind it’s wellness programs and all the delicacies present on the menu are healthy. The menu of Lefay is Mediterranean and you can enjoy some traditional Italian dishes made in a healthy way.

Lefay chefs believe in buying from the local farmers especially those who follow organic way of farming so that they can serve you only healthy food on your table. Animals that are under the threat of extinction or harvested in vehement ways are strictly prohibited. The dishes are not only healthy, but tasty and are detoxifying in nature. Simple ingredients are used for cooking and the cooking time is kept short in order to retain the healthy or organoleptic qualities of the food.

  1. Thailand: Kamalaya; located in Koh Samui Island

Overlooking the coast of southern Koh Samui, Kamalaya is snuggled in a small, beautiful valley. The calming energy of Kamalaya derives from a temple cave, which Buddhist monks long ago used as a place of spiritual sanctuary. The tropical jungle foliage and the beautiful ponds of lilies are sure to lift all your worries. The exotic Thai wellness retreat will heal you spiritually and bodily.

Programs they offer:

Kamalaya has a range of wellness programs, which are relaxing and will lift your spirits.

Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Optimal Fitness
  • Ideal Weight
  • Sleep Enhancement


  • Introduction to Detox
  • Basic Detox
  • Comprehensive Detox

Emotional Balance:

  • Embracing Change

Stress and Burnout

  • Asian Bliss
  • Relax and Renew
  • Basic Balance and Revitalize
  • Comprehensive Balance and Revitalize


  • Personal Yoga Synergy

Healthy menu:

You can enjoy special detox and vegetarian dishes at Kamalaya; they offer four types of food selections Vegan, Lacto Ovo, Detox, and Raw. Every dish is made from fresh and organic fruits and vegetables and you could enjoy some great traditional Thai dishes prepared by the chefs of Kamalaya.

Why Is Wellness Tourism Outpacing Regular Tourism?

There cannot be an exact statistics given on how much the industry has grown in the past few years, but we could say that the wellness industry seems to be working with a speedy increases everyday and has grown almost 50% more than regular tourism. People have become health conscious and prefer to spend their vacation in a healthy way rather than hogging on food or spending on expensive holiday shopping. The crowd seems to prefer a getaway where they could also feel beautiful besides just looking beautiful and be refreshed for a new start in life.

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