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What is Healthy Eating in Today’s World

Healthy eating today is not just an issue about whether you are getting the proper amount of nutrition or having the right diet. If you really want to know what healthy eating is all about, you would have to include the environmental and agricultural considerations. It is very important to know where your food is coming from. Are you buying GMO-produced foods? Do you prefer organic food? With so many advances in food technology and food production, you have to know the benefits and the risks of eating the types of food that you regularly buy in the supermarket and groceries. Healthy eating today is about gaining more information on your food and making the right choices on what food to buy and eat.

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Going Organic

More people are choosing organic vegetables and meat when they are buying food in groceries and supermarkets. People are starting to avoid food, which has been sprayed with pesticides and other unnecessary chemicals. Even though organic food tends to be a bit expensive, more stores in the US and all over the world are offering organic food products for their customers. Here are some of the reasons why organic food is a popular choice:

    • Organic fruits and vegetables have 30 percent more vitamins and minerals. Minerals such as iron, magnesium and phosphorus are richer by 29 percent when they are organic.
    • It is safer for children because it has no artificial flavorings and other additives that could have negative effects.
    • There is lesser risk in consuming any pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals found in a conventional farm produce.

Why You Should Avoid GMO Produced Foods

GMO produced foods are also called bio-engineered foods and these are the ones, which have undergone genetic modification for different purposes. GMO or genetically modified organisms don’t sound very appetizing and there are many reasons why people are trying to avoid GMO produced foods.

  • GMOs use toxic chemicals and pesticides to produce food and it can still be harmful to the human health.
  • The tests on animals are not very positive. The animals that were fed with GMO foods show alarming side effects that affected their health.
  • Mixing and crossing genes from different kinds of species produces unpredictable side effects that bring nutritional deficiencies and other damaging side effects.
  • GMO is harmful to the environment. The herbicides can be harmful to the birds, amphibians, insects and other animals and it can also pollute the water resources.


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There are a lot of negative reports pertaining to GMOs and it is currently under fire from different organizations worldwide. The world needs food resources that are safer and more natural. Genetically modifying food resources may not be a popular choice because it still proves dangerous and risky for humans and the environment.

Recent Advances in Food Production

Healthy eating is being aware of how your food is produced. It is not just about counting calories and reading the ingredients of your food. Today, being healthy should also mean that you are socially aware of what is happening to the environment. You should also know the recent advances in food production, which is very important, if you want to know the quality of food you are putting on your table.

The main points to consider in food production today are to lessen the use of pesticides and other chemicals. When these chemicals are mixed with other pesticides and additives, it can be a deadly combination that can lead to serious health issues and sickness. Studies have shown that regular ingestion of certain chemicals found in processed foods can cause cancer and other major illnesses.

Water is very precious nowadays and conserving it for food production can be a daunting task. However, advancements have been made which may allow food producers to use less water. This can be good for the environment and the people, especially in countries where there is less rain.

Scientists are trying to find ways on how to maximize the production of food on a small land space. If they can solve this problem, then the farmers and crop growers won’t have to use too much pesticides and fertilizers on their crops.

Healthy Eating Today

Healthy eating today is knowing what you are really consuming and putting inside your body. It is your responsibility to know how your food is made. It is up to you whether you will continue ignoring the warning signs that you are seeing in the social media and the news. If you really care about your health and the welfare of your family, you should broaden your knowledge beyond nutrition.

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