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Fetish Porn: Interview With Director Agatha Delicious

Calling all freaks! And all you vanillas who are curious ūüėČ

My name is Agatha and I run Pulptoon and Pulptoon Studios. I am also a fetish model, fetish actress, and March Thrill Girl! 

I have been in business a couple years now with my video production, but I have always been an artist. I have several comics and paintings that I have produced over the years that pertain to the themes I produce. Nowadays, I mostly commission other artists to create kinky and perilous comic adventures for my site. For my video site, I direct, edit and produce. I have a Bachelor’s degree in animation and experience with editing software, which has helped me tremendously in this video business venture. As for filming, it has been s learning process, especially when it comes to scripts, storyboards, video equipment, directing, lighting, and production. My crew is slowly growing, which is huge help since I am a small operation.


The themes of my productions center around women in danger, men in danger, objectification, cannibalism, gore, damsels in distress, giantesses, and witches, monsters and peril fetishes. It is called ‘Pulptoon’ because it mixes retro sexploitation themes with the classic pulp comic sexiness of yester-year. With a modern flare and a retro feel, the movies and comics I produce strive to be erotic, fun, sexy, weird and dangerous. More often than not, the ‘damsel’ ends up on a platter to be ‘devoured’ by the bad guy. She is objectified as a beautiful thing to be owned, admired, enjoyed or consumed. Nothing gory is shown, of course, and it is very unrealistic and fun.


Weird, right? Well, hear me out. If you think about it, a delicious meal and a sexy woman have a lot on common. Both are meaty, juicy, tender and sweet. And adding the fairy tale and danger element to my productions taps into the memories of many fetishists, who internalized the cartoons and fairy tales they grew up with. This is how I have always viewed kink; as an adult fantasy world. Before the objectification of the hapless damsel, there is the element of surprise, trickery, domination, and fear. Think of Bugs Bunny being caught by the hungry Tasmanian Devil or Little Red Riding Hood. That is the feel I am going for. Very silly, but with a bit of a campy horror.


I myself have been a fetishist ever since I can remember. As a child I was obsessed with the cartoons and comics where characters were tricked, captured, tied up, about to be eaten or have their blood sucked by a monster or bad guy. The idea of the cartoon bad guy always intrigued me, because it always seemed more like a game than anything else. There is a very interesting relationship between captor and captive. It reminded me of the games we would play in the school yard. I found myself obsessed with aliens, monsters, creatures, bad guys, and witches. Of course, Halloween is my favorite holiday. As I turned into a woman, a few of these fantasies became a turn on for me. When I discovered the online community of fetishists like me, I was flabbergasted. There are actually a lot of people like me.


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Luckily for me and most fetish people, we can draw the line between fantasy and reality. I enjoy the fantasies of this fetish. The community that I am part of is one of the nicest and most supportive adult communities on the web.


People often ask me if I get turned on on set. To be honest, when I’m working I am in professional mode, but later when I think about the themes, it is exciting.
I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of hot and awesome porn stars and models, including Eva Notty, Shay Lynn, Slave Tasis Lockran, Master Liam Lockran, Cheyenne Jewel, Jolene Hexx, and several others. We always have a good time and have lot of fun shooting. My models understand the campy and horrifically silly and sexy themes of my movies. For a full model list and more information go to


On the Taboo Side!

Many people like myself really get turned on by the taboo elements of these fetishes. Since it is fantasy, anything goes. Your imagination can be your erotic playground. And the things that you cannot do in regular life can be suddenly brought to life. I strive to replicate that in what I create.



Thanks for stopping by and have fun!


Agatha Delicious

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