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Why Pole Dancing Women Are The Most Thrilling

Men like watching three things: running water, a cracking fire, and pole dancing women. Pole dance is a kind of relatively new, female sport that involves acrobatics, stretching, and dance moves. It is extremely beautiful and exciting. Let’s learn why women choose this sport over other activities, what are the benefits and motives, and, of course, break down some myths about pole dancers!

How many dance styles are you familiar with, that would be aimed at a fairly narrow and specific audience, but turned into a real kind of sport? Initially, the tricks of the pole dance were aimed only at showing the passion, femininity, fascination, and strength of the female nature. In the last few years, those acrobatic tricks turned into a real sport, close in complexity to Olympic sports. Unfortunately, even in modern society, pole dancers are unfavorably called “strippers” or “vain women”.

MYTH 1. Pole Dance And Striptease Are The Same Thing

Pole dance is a dance on the pylon (pole). In this case, girls who are engaged in this dance do not pursue the goal of undressing. Yes, their costumes consist of a minimum of clothes. As a rule, these are tops and shorts, or swimming trunks. In pole dancing it is important that most areas of the body are open, otherwise the girl will slip on the pole. During the training, exercises develop strength, and flexibility. Therefore, dancing on the pole is a creative alternative to fitness. You get an excellent stretch, a tightened press, a prominent back, and strengthen muscles of the arms and legs.

MYTH 2. Pole Dance Is Only For Girls Under 20

Elder generations do not support the idea of their children or grandchildren dancing on the pole, so poor women are forced to hide their amazing hobby. We asked 20 women from Brides Bay , from ages 30 to 40,  whether they wanted to pole dance when they were students. Eleven women said they regret about not taking part in such an activity, two of them confessed they already are taking lessons, one women was a pole dance coach herself, four ladies have not heard about this type of dance, and only two rejected this idea due to their shyness or religious views.

MYTH 3. Pole Dance For Only Slimmer Girls

This dance is suitable for girls of any types: both lush and slender. The pole can withstand up to 198 pounds, so there are no special restrictions on the weight. Training begins with an intensive warm-up. During the exercises, the triceps and the biceps are strengthened as well. The legs and buttocks are pumped. After a few months, the results are clearly visible. The waist becomes thinner and the buttocks elastic. In addition, the girl begins to feel more confident and attractive.


What makes pole dancers so attractive and energetic?

  1. Most Dancers Have An Excellent Physical Form, Regardless Of Age

Pole dance trains your entire body. Those are acrobatics and cardio exercises. In addition, the flexibility of your body improves. Dancers perform acrobatic stunts, which assume either a keeping your body in an amazingly, difficult position, or a spin around the metal pole. Even a simple, as it would seem, uplifting is an incredible demonstration of strength. Not surprisingly dancers feel great and convincingly tell everyone how good they feel. 

  1. Physical Development Is Not Crucial

Everyone can find hundreds of reasons for not taking up a new sport. Yes, maybe your weight is not perfect, or you are already too old for sports. Why not stop coming up with excuses? Let’s be better together to develop, change, and learn something that we are interested in pursuing? Feel free to do what interests you and what inspires you. It does not matter at all whether you are an athlete. We all have much to learn. Our internal and external growth will never be superfluous. We should always strive to develop creatively, especially if your imagination simply needs the stimulation. Pole dancers are not afraid of changes.

  1. Pole Dancers Are Just Happier!

You can begin pole dancing in any mood: angry, cheerful, and even sad. However, as soon as you plunge into the wonderful variety of combining sports skills and creative expression, you will realize that it is impossible to compare it with anything! No sport can match the payoff of dancing on a pole. It can be certainly called a work of art!

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