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Wild Child: Donald Trump And The Great Fox Hunt

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Meet Donald J. Trump,

the trail he is blazing,

for prestige and power is what he is craving.

Development’s lagging,

TV is passé,

his combover has everyone thinking he’s gay.

“It’s time for a change!” He screamed,

“Now’s the date!”

“I’ll shout and cuss until ‘Merica’s great!”

So on the big trail Sir Donald’s been casting

but, lo, his big mouth has everyone laughing.

“I’ll build a wall!” He once said to the south.

“You’ll no longer have to live so hand to mouth!”

“You shut your face,” said Mexico city,

“Your racist old jabs has everyone shitty.

We make your clothes and we clean your crapper

so you can live rich like an old flapper dapper.”

“Watch what you say,” they said. “Toe the line,

You can go stick that wall where the sun doesn’t shine.”

Then there was the time on China he struck,

His big business partners.

Oy, Trump! How’s your luck?

“But I love them,” he said. “Although I berate them.”

“My bad imitations don’t mean that I hate them!”

And so he went on, one after the other

a gaff, a cuss, a daughter he’d lover…

And some even liked him, those that have had enough,

Of “foreigners” and “black youths” and “same sex marriage” stuff.

Not Neil Young, though,

He thinks Trump’s a c***

And many more did post the great Fox hunt.

The duo were partners in right-winged agenda,

Then combover Trump went on a big bender.

Accusing Fox News of not being cool

about his stance on women’s issues – they made him look the fool.


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Megyn Kelly, the host of the debate,

bore the brunt of his anger – it was a #foxgate

“A boycott!” Trump voiced.

“Until they surrender!”

“I’ll put Rupert Murdoch’s balls in a blender!”

On Twitter, a raging war he declared.

Fox News, Megyn Kelly, nothing was spared.

“Your show is a joke! Your work ethic’s slack,

You’re all nothing but washed-up and bitter news hacks.

You’re unprofessional and this I should know!

Lest you have forgotten, I’ve got my own show.”

And on and on his tweeting a went.

The billionaire mogul was truly hell-bent.

“Disturbing, you are!” Roger Ailes did state,

“If we want a rich guy, we’ll just call Bill Gates!”

“Stop picking on me and inviting the haters!

This is Donald J. Trump – you’re a bunch of heart breakers!

Apologise, fools or you’ll never see me!”

“Good riddance,” Fox said. “A pleasure – believe me!”

Then a break, from six days of hatred.

Trump realised Fox was needed for greatness.

“No coverage,” he sighed.

What a terrible thought!

I best put a sock in my nasty retorts.”

So on he went, as if nothing happened,

on O’Reilly’s show, his anger abandoned.

His ratings had dipped after such a big stunt.

And therefore he ended the great Fox Hunt.

A lesson to those that seek to refute

media attention on the campaign route.

While Fox sets their sights on agenda, not news,

On the far right they sit on political views.

They may do more harm than good, that’s for sure.

But if you’re Donald Trump don’t show them the door.

Smile, wave and show them your stuff.

For the voters you want just can’t get enough

Of Fox, and you and a racist or two

because about politics they haven’t a clue.

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