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Wondering Mind Of Eva: Life’s Battlefield

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Life is already hard enough. Why do people have to make it more difficult? Why do people lie and manipulate? Are there any real people out there anymore?

Susan and I on one of my trips out to Arizona.

I think not. I am totally shocked when I am faced with fake people that act like they are my friend. I start every relationship by having their best interest at heart, but they are frauds from the beginning.

For example…….

A chick from back home in Arizona hits me up and was congratulating me on my success. Seemed nice enough. The next time I was in town we hung out. Months later we became pretty close. Then I find out she has been dating the guy that robbed be while I was living in Arizona. She knew all about the past relationship I had with her boyfriend.

The whole reason I moved from Arizona was because I figured if I had to start all over again it might as well be somewhere else other than Arizona. This was a great decision.

I am not the type of person to judge or tell someone that they can’t hang out with an individual, because I don’t like them. I figure I will tell them my experience and if they choose to proceed with that person, that is on them. At least they know what they are getting into.

I know karma will always have my back. I am not going to let these types of fake-ass people into my life.  It is privilege to have my friendship not a right.


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Next on my list of difficult people comes ungrateful individuals. I can’t believe out of all the people in the world, Ed, didn’t even have the gull to say thank you.  Ed was friend, manager, and part owner of a strip club I danced at back in day.

Ed told me about his dream to open a billiard’s bar in Scottsdale, Arizona. I am all about my friend’s dreams and goals and try to motivate and show belief in their dreams.

I told Ed that when he opened his billiard’s bar I would come to Scottsdale and help him promote the place for a week. I promised him I would work, drink, and promote his new bar. I did this all on my own dime. I busted my ass for him. I drove down to Scottsdale and stayed for a week in a hotel.

I didn’t even get a thank you from Ed. Are you seriously kidding me? How damn bad is that? I couldn’t believe Ed’s ungrateful behavior.

I try not to be jaded when it comes to trickery or not being appreciated. I know everybody has got something going on in their life and maybe they don’t see things the same way I do. I just don’t forget when it comes to future planning. I would much rather be home with my dogs then around fake-ass people that don’t know who they are and have no gratitude.

So for now this why I choose to be a solo kind of person. If you can’t enjoy your own company, then who can you enjoy?

Always and 4 Eva Notty


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Frequent contributor Eva Notty

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  1. Hi Eva,

    I like reading your posts. Always puts like into perspective. We live in such a sorry world right now to encounter people like this. Have a good day. Hope to hear from you.


  2. Good to see you writing again, Eva. It’s always cool to know more about you. When I first started reading Playboy and Penthouse, I thought they did a good job showing the women as real people. I’ve always been curious to know more about who I was looking at. I always tell everyone I know to proceed with caution with people who are new or who are coming back into their life after a long time. There isn’t much emphasis on morality in a lot of cliques, cultures, whatever you want to call them. The whole emphasis is on getting ahead at all costs. And this desire to show off on Facebook. So many people are such insecure dolts that they base their whole life around showing off, even when they’re over 40. So I deal with very few people as a result. You’re right about being home with the pets being a much better use of your time than dealing with fakes. That’s how I evaluate things. Stupid people cost me time with my cats.

    I’ve spent a decent amount of time in Arizona, mainly around Scottsdale and Phoenix. The culture in warmer areas seem to differ vastly from where I’m at over 1500 miles away. Seems like warmer places are wilder, particularly the Southwest. People are more rowdy. I’ve known people in the Arcadia area that had their old and not very valuable cars stolen. Or someone attempting to steal them. Phoenix seems wilder than Central FL. People there have told me they have a lot of crime problems to deal with and were worried when Sheriff Joe lost. The Arizona culture is more open and creative though. Here people rigidly stick to their cliques, are very plain/conformist, and seem kinda miserable.

    Guess you just have to decide what boundaries to set. Always make sure you have enough for your pups. My guess is that you do. Veterinarians sure aren’t going to cut us slack on emergency bills, generally speaking. I’ve had a Trupanion rep tell me they cover most everything instantly, you might wanna check into that. Other pet insurance places only reimburse. Maybe you’ve already taken care of that. I’ve known people who didn’t save for their pets or car repairs and instead spent money on people who never reciprocated to any degree or even did little things like acknowledged bdays.

    Always having to look out for your own interests sucks, but it’s necessary more and more. But hey, in the near future, maybe 5-10 years, costs for necessities are going to go down a lot and there will be a lot less reason for people to be greedy. Good luck with everything and please keep posting, I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves to hear from you on Twitter and this blog.

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